I need you like air

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Submitted: July 31, 2012

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Submitted: July 31, 2012



At first I use to love to dream but by having you I love to stay awake.

We were meant for each other like leaves and a rake.

My love for you is number one without the need for recognition or a gold medal.

We was meant to be beside each other like a gas and brake pedal.

My love for you is automatic ,without even having to think like walking.

I need you like I need my tongue and lips when I am talking.

I am looking at you so beauty is in the eyes of me the beholder.

Everyday my love for you gets older.

My love for you is everywhere like latitude and longitude.

Everyday for you I show my love's gratitude.

You can't get rid of my love cause it always would return like shaved hair.

I need you in my life just like I need air.

Once you came into my life I knew I would never be the same.

We aren't married yet but I already consider you having my last name.

Without metal our lips together is a magnet.

Upon meeting you , I knew that your love, I must have it.

You are the only one that I trust with my heart.

Our love has no end but it had a start.

We were meant for each other like Halloween and candy.

I love you more then Woody and Buzz Lightyear loves Andy.

Just looking at you makes me not angry at you for long ,even after a argument or a fight.

How much I really love you there is never enough words that I could write.

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