I should leave

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made up story but meaningful

Submitted: August 17, 2012

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Submitted: August 17, 2012



If I am all she wants why does she want others.
I truly don't understand you should never hurt your lover.
I should leave but my heart is still here.
I tell her about herself and she acts like she doesn't care.
This hurt I truly don't deserve.
Karma for the past girls I have no more mental or physical time to serve.
Instead of things getting better it seems to only get worst.
I don't understand I
always put her always first.

All these years why does it seem like just a waste.
It is like I don't have all of her just a taste.
I don't want to bring others in it but we need help bad.
Tear drops don't even fall no more I just look sad.
Is there anyone out there that will do me right ?
For now I am tired of the arguments and lies each and every day and night.
I can no longer grieve.
The truth is I should just leave.

Put me first yea right.
You calm you were at work but where was you really last night?
You want to control me but you have no control of yourself.
Our relationship has not moved in a long time it's been collecting dust on the self.
Don't think I don't see you go to the other room to answer the phone.
Why do you always complain about money? if you are at work ,when you aren't home?
You have changed you, don't try to be romantic.
Instead of leaving me happy you always leave me in a frantic.
So who is this other women ? I smell the perfume.
Every time I ask you about her you flip the script and tell me it is something I just assume.
I know better is out there, I just have to leave my shyness here and go out there and look.
Instead of give ,all you did was took.
I am leaving you when you least expect it.
So my loving, no longer will you get.
I should just leave.

The other guy talking to her:
How could you let that person do you so wrong?
That person always puts you down ,makes you feel weak and never strong.
You should have been left but you continue to stay.
Your hoping that person will change one day.
Life is too short for you to stay with one that won't treat you right.
As long as you stay ,darkness will remain with no visual of the light.
I tried to tell but you don't listen to me.
The person for you is waiting but you won't let your fake lover be.
Tears build up cause I put myself in your shoes.
Love is not suppose to be like this anyone's help you always refuse.
Someone that truly loves you won't do you like that.
This load you shouldn't be carrying on your back.
When you first met that person he was acting cause that person really wasn't nice.
Now that you see the real you are getting treated smaller then rice.
I don't want you just for one night.
I want you for life.
So will you give me a try?

the other girl talking to her man,
I don't want to be involved but seeing you sad hurts me to see.
I know it is about your relationship just let her be.
You are a good looking guy I know you can do better.
Leave that girl and finally get with a real women ,you don't have to see her just leave a letter.
Well if not me at least find someone to make you happy cause life is to short to be sad.
From your expressions I can tell you have it bad.
You would rather work then to go home, I can tell.
Your relationship is already thrown away like old mail.
Come on and give me a try.
As long as you are with me your face shall remain dry.
You won't cry by having me I promise.
You never would have to worry about me being dishonest.
So will you give me a try?

decisions decisions ?????

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