I won't surrender my crown to no one

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I wrote this to a guy that was talking bad about me after I sent it to him there was no reply cause he know he can't fuck with Da KinG

Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012



I see you writing shit about The King .
Your only a gnat to my ear, why don't you play on the swing.
All those hate words ,you just wish they was bullets with a hollow tip figure.
Water only comes out once you pull that trigger.
I can make you melt away like a butterfinger.
I will stay on top feeling on my crown ,as i give you the finger.
It is no thing for me to come off this throne and put on the all black.

Hide in yesterday's trash kidnap and put you ,tied up to the train's track.
From where i came, i have no reason to fall back.
It ain't my fault why your words smell like shit from a ass crack.
Why is Da KinG on this level but the other side just won't let it slide.
Talking shit about me should go in your mouth from my back side.
I haven't even got mad yet but you are starting to fuck with my nerves.
Keep it up ,i will have you tied up thrown in a ocean with concrete on ur feet ,swallowing ur own words.
I don't even like to cuss but fuck it I am the King.
I could be Jason in the day and Freddy when you dream.
Revenge is fun knowing I already Won when it just begun.
Remember Da KinG is Not Surrendering his Crown to no one .
So get mad send A MILLION comment to yourself .I am STILL GOING 2 REMAIN DA KING.
Make that a note to yourself

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