Inner Peace by Da KinG

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Royal true facts and speech

Submitted: October 24, 2012

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Submitted: October 24, 2012



Respect my poems, to you they don't have to be amazing.

My love for you is forever blazing.

Out of the bubble they weren't prepared for my burst.

All eyes on me, as Royal Poetry, I dispersed.

Why fight the help ? They aren't worth my picking .

I'm always on time like after the bomb stopped ticking.

My people rise above and never beneath.

My Royal Words is power, so I crush with Royal Iron Teeth.

Whoever steps up to me, they better be prepared to fall like a leaf.

I bring relief because of your belief in me Da KinG Chief.

Yes I write simple, but it's the simple, people seem to forget.

I'm sexy with brains as real as it can get.

Yes, I am two different people, but that shouldn't stop your love for me.

Poverty makes you feel blinded by the things you want to see.

I know how it feels to be unloved, while no one wants to pay you any attention.

I look around, it seems like love is elevating from earth,and going to another dimension.

In life I'll remain starving until we can all feast.

Instead of being a leader, these guys would rather be a self ego beast.

No worries I'm here to stay so there's no breaking the lease.

Remember, change won't happen unless, inside you have, inner peace.

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