King is on a roll

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Submitted: August 26, 2012

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Submitted: August 26, 2012



They say King you are on a roll.
When I write, my words leaks from my soul.
Ignore me all you want,I tried to warn you not to fall into that black hole.
You don't know me until you know my role.
You think your eyes is open, but really they are closed.

Sometimes to be heard you have to step on toes.
Love filled up my heart's holes.
Some times when you try so hard it seems like your doing nothing.
Some people don't do nothing, when they could be trying real hard ,at least do something.
I don't exaggerate with my claim.
My words goes straight to your heart as soon as I aim.
Don't set limits to yourself by doubting your ability.
You can learn and change, now,you don't have to be locked up in a facility.
I write like that's all I can do while doing life's prison time.
I shine brighter then the light that is lime.
To always love you as my people ,is a promise I can keep.
Until I made a difference I can't sleep.
We all deserve a break that the world is not trying to give.
How do you expect forgiveness from God if you can't forgive others?
We are all children of the world so we should see us all as sisters and brothers.
Out of love there is more you should bring.
All this is out of love from your Eminence,Highness,Majesty and but most of all your KinG.

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