Life pt 1

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real talk

Submitted: September 06, 2012

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Submitted: September 06, 2012



Life is an endless search
For knowledge and understanding
Life continues to move
even if your not planning
Some things in life you have to teach yourself
While others don't be afraid to search or ask
Some people don't know who they are so they wear a mask
Some people don't live in the present cause they are stuck in the past
Some people keep setting things aside but never do it unaware that time m
oves so fast

For some people it takes years to build their confidence back
Some people deserve so much but seriously they lack
Life can be at times unpredictable
Life could be so despicable
Whether we are
life goes on.
No one knows for sure where we go once we are gone.
Some people didn't believe they were mortal until someone close to them has died.
Now a days, they will tell you not to trust nobody
So does that mean every thing is about lies ?
Every word
ever said
you have been lied?
It's nonsense that they teach
I am Da KinG of truth to any and everyone I want to reach.
What is worse about life ,is that it stays like this.
A lot of things about life I won't miss.

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