Life pt2

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Life part2

Submitted: September 06, 2012

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Submitted: September 06, 2012



Life part 2 is from the heart and how I feel.
They will tell you the Easter Bunny,Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus is real.
Then Jesus is perfect and there will be only few able to get into heaven.
It sounds like a luck thing with rolling a 7
or 11.

I could be wrong
the world feeds off things not right.
The world is so filled with darkness that they squinted when I came bringing in the light.
Don't follow the rich.
If you do be prepared to be brain washed into a matrix glitch.
Some murders needs to be solved but the streets will tell you not to snitch.
You can only live your life and with another life you can't switch.
If we were raised in hell how in heaven can we mingle with the perfect?
Evil is a on going circuit.
With no help the sky is the ceiling.
With no luck on being hired you wonder why people start dealing.
Then you have these rappers encouraging you to do wrong.
When you are locked up do you think they will be there to help you stay strong?
The youth envy and replicate .
To feed you lies they don't hesitate.
If brain wash to people would get me millions then I will die a broke man.
It is time to go for
what ever
you plan.
Sports players make enough to feed the world's hunger.
I am more then just talk
watch the lightning strike
not just will you hear my voice as thunder.
The world will tell you don't trust anybody but it's time to start trusting.
I won't give up, y'all will always hear me fussing.
Don't feed into things that aren't right.
Just keep following Da KinG which brings in the light.
True love for each other is needed and I 'm not talking about a husband and wife.
We deserve so much more then we get in this Life.

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