Love me and respect my crown

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Submitted: July 31, 2012

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Submitted: July 31, 2012



I waited my whole life just to shine like I'm am now.
I said I'm Da KinG after seeing why even he said you deserve my bow.
Royal talk doing my Royal ways.
I'm feeling like I'm mightier then the antichrist in the last days.
I laugh at those that think material really makes you better.
My Royal swag does the talking so I'm sealed up like a postal letter.
Like cold stares is going to give me a concussion.
I don't want to keep me enemies close so my fake friend I made a deduction.
You have to be finer if you want that in your life.
You better study that person if you want them to be your husband or wife.
Momma never told me there will be days like this.
You would want to die and don't care if you are missed.
Well if I am going to be in hell forever I 'd figured I matters well get my imagination going.
So when I burn I can think good thoughts so the pain isn't always showing.
In heaven let me reminisce with a couple of drinks with my belated friends and family.
Feeling good glad I am away from this earth insanity.
I knew anyone could change once my mom stopped cold turkey on drugs.
I would rather be living my KinG life then continue hanging with these thugs.
My grandpa said "be careful of the crowd you keep."
"Are they going to do the time with you ? "Cause now I am up against the wall as I sleep.
If you like it ,it doesn't matter about the size of that ring.
Yes I am young,but that doesn't mean I won't be a good KinG.
I was meant to write incredible words just look at my name.
You can copy my style but it doesn't mean you will be the same.
I will still never change with fortune and fame.
It is much easier following the rules in life's game.
If it was up to me t.v wouldn't be watched everyday.
It leaves your mind corrupted with things they show and say.
I more interested in board games ,cards ,drawing or writing out how you feel.
Me continuing to try I can promise that I will.
Shaking my head cause we have to work our whole lives out for meals and bills.
I watch as anger builds up in your body and fills.
Respect my crown but love me for me.
I will be the greatest of all times you'll see.

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