Mom blew it (before King diary)

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What happened when I was 8years old

Submitted: August 20, 2012

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Submitted: August 20, 2012



In the foster home I was in I was able to get
weekend visitations with my mom.
I first was in a foster home after my grandma stuck both of my
hands on a gas stove for licking a piece of cake from the refrigerator.
My hands when I went to school was like paws.
It hurt so bad that I tried to put water on it and it hurt even more .
She turned it on and grabbed each hand and pressed down into the fire.
I couldn't write and I was sent to my first foster home.
I was in the first one then I went to another one.
The second one was a nice family
They were having church on Saturday.
And always fast that day.No food ,no t.v nothing until
the next day.
Anyway that is another story.
My mom was in jail got out in a work release .
They helped her get her place.
She had a Nintendo and loved to play Mario 3.Mines was turtles 2.
I had to be at least 8 and she had a cat .
I enjoyed the visits .My mom had a man name Dan .
I had a bump bed.It was a two bedroom apartment.
Finally I was around my mom and seeing what she was like.
We got along great.I was popular very fast .Then I met a girl who I fell in love with.
In the Childhood Frown she was the one who cheated on me.
Mom didn't have money but she would search around for pennies to get
me a pack of skittles.
Little stuff  that people throw away everyday .I always kept and held on to it.
Then the foster people said your mom is doing good and in two weeks if she could pass
a two week test she can have full custody.
I was excited so I raced to pack .
The horn blew and a taxi with my mom in it to pick me up.
She got to her apartment and banged on the door.
No answer.She became furious and she called for a ride and went to a bar.
Dan was there talking with another girl and my mom said give me the keys.
He was trying to calm her down and she said forget you .She told me to come with her.
So now we got a ride back.She and I both push our weight on the door and it came down.
I got on my bed as my cat wanted to be stroked by my hands.
Mom came in my room and told me that she is going to stab Dan and first loud noise call the law.
She told me to promise her I would, so I did.
Now she goes into her room which is next to mine.
He comes in and from the entrance if you came straight in you would start in living room two rooms and all the way down was the kitchen.
So he went into the kitchen and mom stabbed him in the back.
Loud screaming was heard so I did as she said.
Next thing I know he come toward me with the knife still in his back and
he snatched the phone cord .
There was another phone in the kitchen so I ran to that one.

So I dialed 911 and they said they were on there way.

The floor was full of blood my mom was on the floor screaming and crying.
The cops came and asked me what happened,

They locked up my mom and sent a ambulance for Dan.
As for me I had to go back to my foster home mother and she was about to leave cause she was
going on a vacation for those two weeks.
So the cops looked at me and told me I will never live with my mother again.

They still went on there vacation as for me I had to spend two weeks in a farm.

Doing work like planting and cleaning up after all the animals every morning til night.

It was said after I came back from the farm I stopped talking for a while cause I was completely brain fried on life.Way to much to take in.I went retarded in the mind cause I was dealing with way too much already early in my life.

You will never live with your mom again

All my years in the future I always remember those sad words


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