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Submitted: May 06, 2012

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Submitted: May 06, 2012



I live up in heaven and i am bored to death.
Here it is so bright that even if you wanted to you couldn't rest.
Time doesn't exist in this place .
The location of heaven is above space.
There is no sun or moon,no different seasons of weather.
All souls live in peace and everyone is happy and together.
Everyone probably except for me.
There is nothing new i am use to having everything that i see.
Everything is to perfect here ,kids play with lions and tigers to you it is a oh my .
To me it is just a sigh.
Jesus is always being crowded so i never talked to him one on one.
I heard alot of his speeches  ,he is so lucky to be God's only Son.
All the souls here never talk about anything new cause we all experienced the same.
I know it is hard to imagine but picture a life were you are always loved and never experienced pain.
God, well he is bigger then a planet ,the angels have to fly earth years just to see His face.
You can listen to the angel's sing all day but really there is no time to waste.
Oh yeah, we don't have to speak we just mind read if we want to talk.
There is no cars or a bus ,you just have to think it and you are there, no need for a long distance walk.
I would some times look at the beauty and the shape of earth.
I would wonder what it is like to not have everything ,to not be so perfect experience pain and i wanted to see  what i would be worth.
So within a blink of a eye God came to me in human form.
God said "I am going 2 let you live on earth but it won't be like here you will face storms"
"There are good and bad things about there that you must know."
Then God begin  to show.
GOD said ,"For one you won't remember about your life here"
"You won't see or hear me but that don't mean that I am not there or that i don't care."
I said " well after i have died, i will be back here in heaven right? "
God said " It depends on how you live your life"
"For the wicked the only time they will see heaven is when they get judged ,then they will go to a place called Hell."
I said "Hell what kind of place is that, cause it doesn't sound so well"
God said "It's a place of eternal fire and they will be separated from me forever."
I said "Wow that's not a place i would want to be at ,cause i always want us to be together."
Then i asked "If I wont remember,see,or hear from you ,how do i return here 4 good and keep your word"
God said "I will put people in ur life, no matter what my message will be heard."
"To come back here you must accept My Son,you must follow My Commandments, that's the true direction."
"You must ask for forgiveness cause I know no one lives their whole life in perfection."
"Look down and pick your parents for this life."
So I looked and I seen couples that would make my DNA just right.
God smiled and said "I know you can do it" ,and instantly my soul came to earth.

Nine months later July 12 ,1983 my mom gave birth.
I know my mission so i communicate through prayer with God and JESUS  every day and night.
This is my story before I came to this life.

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