My love 4 you by Da KinG

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Submitted: August 16, 2012

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Submitted: August 16, 2012



Your beautiful like a crystal receiving sun light.
I need to squint cause your beauty is too bright.
They say the eyes is the window to the soul,so knowing I will see you, I can't wait.
Eyes to eyes we are each others soul mate.
Strangers we once were lovers we are now.
When describing every detail of how much I love you ,I don't know how.
Learning from my past made me now, perfect for you.
I will cover you with my whole body to protect you against any storm your going to go through.
You capture my eyes like a girl with a bad wig.
My love for you is enormous not just big.
Love can't be bought and describing my love for you all the details i can't write.
You are the Star that shines in my life's night.
Loving you from my heart and soul is healthy.
My love for you is richer then wealthy.
Like a mini sun, when you smile you lighten up any room.
My love for you will stay ticking and never end with Boom!!
My love for you is see thru like glass.
I will always be beside you like the brake and the gas.
I know to love is more then talking, it is things you do.
This is only a little of my love for you

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