My love for you continues to upgrade

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Submitted: July 31, 2012

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Submitted: July 31, 2012



Of my love never be afraid.
I am too real to you so you don't ever have to worry about being betrayed.
We are meant for each other like a cut and a band aid.
My love for you is always on time and will never be delayed,
Like a valuable card ,you for no other, would I trade.
My love for you continues to upgrade.
If my love for you was a game I still wouldn't cheat.
We go perfect with each other like good lyrics and it's beat.
Even when we are away from each other we always come back to each other like the sun and the clouds.
I wouldn't be me without you like mummies with no shrouds.
Like clothes,microwave,cell phone or your t.v, my love will always be yours to keep.
Being around you is better then a good dream when I am sleep.
I need you like a driver needs signs.
Meant for me you are one of God's greatest designs.
I will always want you like a kid always wants candy.
I know you love me for me but for you I always want to dress dandy.
Like a warm shower hitting your skin is the way you make me feel after feeling your touch.
I do love you but there is never enough soooooo I could put in front of much.
You can say my love for you is conceited .
Like days in a calender my love for you is always repeated .
Loving you I wouldn't know how to stop.
In my chain of my life's importance you are at the very top.



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