Promise me you will stay

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Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012



So many times I have been in and out of a relationship hoping to find that one.
I have got to the point of thinking ,a person for me there is none.
Then finally after a lot of years I found you.
All of me you could have just remain true.
From the first kiss you had my heart beating again.
The lonely me was out and I have you now ,was in.
The way you look into my eyes I knew that you actually do care.
I was so happy even I could shed a tear.
The only problem is can we survive the first year.
Sadly for me most girls don't even last a year without our relationship coming to a end.
I feel free talking to you and more then a lover you have became my best friend.
Everything in life ,lets share it together.
Just being around you always brings  out clear blue skies and good weather.
Just smiling at me and you make  me feel better.
Some people call it love poetry, I think it as me writing you a love letter.
Love for me came right on time I am so glad I jumped on board.
What I love most about you is, you love me for me and not what I can afford.
For everyone that ever did me wrong by having you my love has been restored.
Love has been hard for me ,at the end I won by having you as my reward.
Everything I own and love always seems to go away.
So my love can I truly keep you ,can you promise me you will stay?

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