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REal talk from Da KinG

Submitted: August 10, 2012

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Submitted: August 10, 2012



Why do we spend unnecessary money ?
Why is uncle Sam still living?
All that money he gets could help the poor.
It also could pay for bills people have no way to afford.
Like dental ,medical,vet,housing,schools,etc.

No I am not blaming everyone cause I buy things I don't need either.
Why cause how long you wait to get that money.
Why do we let money change who we are?
Why is (M.O.E)money over ever
ything the model these rappers are teaching the youth?
It should be G.O.E God over everything.
All that money for extra military stuff what a waste.
Then the rich would beg us poor people to give to charity.
It make no sense .
There should be school classes on how to change the world.
Why can't after these companies make a certain amount the rest goes to change to the world.
They just continue adding to there bank account.
Money sitting in banks while people have to give up blood ,watch their mom sell her body just to eat and pay rent.
As Da KinG I can't help but to keep it real.
So I pray my message could change minds and help if it will.


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