Why do we do?

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Just feeling like 'why?' recently. This poem is rather emotional and it, I hope, interests you guys.

Submitted: March 04, 2013

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Submitted: March 04, 2013






Why do all decisions lead to an ultimate and final end, no matter the outcome?

Why can nothing we choose to believe or see stay constant?

While pain and anguish linger in the world like the slow growing cancer they are.


Why can’t we all be the angels we are destined to become from the offset?

Why is everything we say but a paper cut on this massive place we live?

When the voices of imbeciles fill our planet like chemical pollution.


Why do we see?

Why do we fight?

Why do we stand?

Why do we fall?

Why do we manipulate?

Why do we suffer?

Why must we be oppressed when nothing they say is true and everything we do is right?


The answer?

Simple, we do so to live.

We do so to see something,

To fight for something,

To stand for something,

To fall for something,

To manipulate for something,

To suffer for something.


We do so to have victories,

To win something in our lives before death grasps us.

We do so because we are human, we need struggle.

But success comes to all who are patient.


That... is why.

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