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My story takes place in the Trail of tears which is a trail that the Cherokee had to take to get to their new home after being forced to leave their original homes. Mine is fictional and its about
a girl and her Papa (grandfather) and their journey on the trail of tears.

Submitted: December 11, 2017

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Submitted: December 11, 2017



It was cold, colder than it was at home. My Papa (grandpa) held me close as we were walking, he tried to keep me warm, i’m thankful for papa. Mama and Father were ahead of us holding my little brother who was wrapped in blankets. It was snowing, it looks pretty but it was very cold. I turned to Papa as we were walking, “I wanna go home,” I told him, “I miss home, Papa.” Papa looked sad, I don’t know why. “We can’t go back dear, I’m sorry,” He said, “But everything will be fine.” He reassured me as he held my hand.

Before everything happened Papa was teaching me to read and write, he has told me before that i’m a fast learner. Mama came in picking up our items in a hurry, Papa looked sad and started picking up things too, I was confused but didn’t want to say anything. I had been wrapped in coats along with Mama, Father, and Papa, little brother was wrapped in blankets. When we left I saw these men on horses holding a gun, that frightened me. I hung onto Papa thinking he wouldn’t let anything happen to me. Immediately we started walking, I don’t know where to, all I knew was that it would be long.

I look back and I see people coughing and sneezing, Babies were crying and some people seemed to be taking a nap in the snow, even parents were putting their babies down for a nap! Papa turned my head back to the front, I looked at Papa, he looked sick too, but he smiled and I like when Papa smiles, I smiled back.

It’s been a while now and Papa looks weak and sad, I helped Papa walk, but even I couldn’t hold myself up. “Papa are you okay?” I asked, no reply. I looked at Mama and Father, I lost them in the crowd. I saw Papa closing his eyes, I decided to let him take a nap in the snow, like the others. I cut ourselves off of the trail and laid him down, I grabbed his hand and simply reassured him, “Everything will be fine Papa,”. I layed down next to him and spread the blanket on top of us to keep us warm during out nap. “Look Papa, it’s snowing,” I said and pointed to the sky. Papa fell asleep already, I guess I have to go to sleep too. I looked at Papa, then at the sky, then back to Papa with a smile, I scooted closer and hugged him before I went to sleep, not before telling him, “Good Night, Papa”



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