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This is a fictitious story about the Yeti.

Submitted: November 14, 2011

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Submitted: November 14, 2011



Millions of years ago, the forest of the Forbidden Kingdom in the orient was a land where creatures of legend inhabited the earth. Both the sun and moon sat around the earth on opposite sides. Saturn was only miles away and could be viewed just by looking up at the sky. A new day has come.

One that is unexpected and never prophesied about. It is the Dawn. Chai Dawn. There is one legendary creature that remains. This creature has fought numerous battles with other creatures. He fought for territory and claimed his right as the greatest and mightiest beast of all. This beast was undefeated. What was such an animal that remains undefeated? His name is Yeti.

The time turned into a new era. He deicided that it was time to focus on something. Something else. Something besides raiding the village for food and occasionally making his presence known to the monks and villagers. It was something he had yet to consider. His head turned towards the horizon. As he sat concentrating, another beast lay in waiting. This was unknown to him. Miles away a new beast of an entirely different breed watched him from afar.

This particular creature emerged from the deep sea and dwelled in the mysterious underwater caves. It could live both in water and on land. Over time he went about studying the Yeti for weak points. He knew some day there would be a time he'd catch his foe unaware, slay him, and become the new beast of all the land. And, most of all the most feared. As Yeti remained in deep concentration, this new species saw that now was the moment for attack.

Little did he know that this would be the fight of his life, and maybe his last. His eyelids had a special way of moving. Especially undetected, yet fooling the naked eye as if the eyes remained closed. The skin had special sensors that easily picked up the trail of intruders. And, this was just a brief description of some of the many defenses Yeti had.

But as for his foe.........................

He had flesh that resembled man, a head that resembled a contorted hyena, with a strange hyena-like cackle, combined with a sound of a suckling fish, and an added choke. This same creature had flashing green eyes which glowed in the dark, appearing, and disappearing as desired. It also could blend in with the land and vegetation like a chameleon. Upon attacking its prey, it inhales the essence of whatever is in its path, zapping the life force from its victim, peeling it layer by layer like an onion. And now it stood directly behind the Yeti, ready to make the deadly kill.

However, he had to lay his flesh on the giant creature to strip him of his flesh, bone, and fur.Will Yeti know? That's for only nature to know and the rest of us to find out. His head now remains frozen as is immovable. This new beast is called the Zokoli.

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