Little Girl

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A short story about a little girl who has witnessed/experienced things in her life and made it through. So i definatley think you should read this

Submitted: May 16, 2013

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Submitted: May 16, 2013




So this is for all the people in the world, the whole Universe, even the so called Martians on Mars who think their life is over and they want to kill themselves, because their boyfriend/girlfriend has dumped them, they got a D on one of their essays or anything remotely equal to that.


Imagine an 8 year old girl, waking up in the middle of the night needing the toilet, so she goes downstairs only to find her mum on the couch crying her eyes out. Not knowing what to do she goes to the toilet, kisses her mum on the cheek, says goodnight and goes back upstairs. Not telling her brother, sister or dad what she saw.

The next 2 weeks are exactly the same she would go downstairs during the night to get a drink, go to the toilet or brush her teeth as she forgot to before bed, and she would find her mum crying. From then on she made a list to go on her bedroom door to make sure she did these things before she went to bed, so she could avoid seeing her mummy crying as it broke her heart not knowing what to do.

A new neighbour moves in next door and they seem like a loving family a mum a dad and 4 kids. Both families got on very well and their parents decided got rid of the fence dividing the gardens and made it one big garden, with the little girls dads junkyard sectioned off at the back. They brought a massive kiddies pool to go in the garden so the kids could play in it whilst the parents sat in the houses smoking weed and drinking alcohol. The little girl loved playing in the pool as it had a slide and trampoline as well as her being able to wear her favourite swimming costume; it was bright green with white polka dots and it had her name printed on the front across her chest. But one day it was just her and one of the neighbours child in there, he was only one year older. He touched her somewhere that she knew was unacceptable and jumped out of the pool to tell daddy. Funny enough he was drunk, laughed at the slightest idea of that even happening and sent her to bed for lying.

She is now 9 years old and has spent about 2 months avoiding going anywhere near the neighbours children. She knows what he did was wrong and during one of her lessons at school she realised why. Everyday mummy and daddy would be drinking and smoking weed, until they passed out. One night she woke up, because her brother was shaking her and crying. She asked him what was wrong and he told her that 'daddy pushed mummy on the kitchen floor' she told him everything was okay and that they were just playing a game. He soon fell back to sleep after she had red him the hungry caterpillar. In the next couple of nights neither her brother or sister had woken her up crying. One night she had woken up feeling really sick, she made her way downstairs, but threw up on the landing and carried on downstairs to find mummy, but when she found her she wasn't expecting it, she threw up on the kitchen floor, daddy had mummy up against the kitchen door by the throat.

Now 10 years old, she had to learn to look after herself, her brother and her sister. Cook, clean, feed and walk the dog. She went to school everyday and tried to act normal. Her nan had started to work across from the school, so she would take her home from school. One day nan wasn't at work, so she walked home. She saw her sister crying. 'Whats wrong?' she asked and her sister gave her a folded up note with her name on the front. 'Hey baby, mummy is very ill and in hospital, daddy or nanny will bring you to see me soon, I promise, but for now I need you to look after your brother and sister, make sure they behave and never answer the door to anyone let your daddy handle it, and forget about the nighbours okay? I Love You Princess' She didn't cry she didn't know how. She saw that it was gone 5pm so she cooked dinner in the microwave and sent her brother and sister to bed. Daddy had gone out so she layed down on mummy's side of the bed and cried and cried until she was exhausted and cried herself to sleep. Nanny took them to see mummy in hospital, but it was not what they were expecting. Mummy had just come out of surgery and she had loads of tubes coming out of her mouth, stomach arm and a nurse was trying to find the right stop to take some blood. Her brother and sister cried, but once again she kept it in until she got into mummy's bed and cried herself to sleep.

11 Years old and she is glad mum is home in time for christmas this year. She got a bike, her own pink TV and the Harry Potter book collection. She was mature enough to find out that mummy had cancer and she had recovered but it had came back, so mummy had to go back into hospital for a hysterectomy. She had googled this online and saw that some people with the type of cancer her mummy had didn't survive, so when her mummy was due back in to hospital, she wouldn't let go of her and the nurses/doctors had to drag her off kicking and screaming. After a while she had calmed down and nanny took her home. Mummy had survived this bout of cancer again and came home and was healthy. The next person in hospital was her sister, she was on her scooter riding around in the garden and rode into a bunch of wood and got a nail through her foot. The little girl knew to raise her sisters leg in the air and phone 999. Her parents were next door. She was alone on this one. A couple of weeks later she witnessed daddy abusing mummy and she knew this was wrong so she phoned the police, daddy was arrested, but let out the next day. The neighbours were round for a party and they all drank a lot, mummy and daddy argued and she was woken up by the nighbours kids and told to go next door. Everyone left mummy and daddy arguing, but she knew by all the banging next door that daddy was hurting mummy. This happened a lot throughout that year, but mummy finally called the police herself and they were all moved to a refuge whilst daddy was arrested.

Now 12 years old they had been living in the refuge 4 months when daddy said he had hanged, they went running back to him and he stopped abusing mummy. Both parents stopped doing drugs and alcohol and did not mess with the neighbours. They were sitting watching tv one night when they heard a massive bang outside the front door. Daddy went to check it out and someone had thrown a rock at their front wall and there was a note wrapped around it 'We will get you' daddy admitted that he was in debt and owed people money. The only good thing out of that year; she found a boyfriend.

Now 13 years old, after a year of harassment they moved and lived happy. But that didn't last long, the old lady that lived next door and always gave them sweet had died and new people moved in. They would throw cigarette butts into the garden and throw stones at the dog aswell and tell her mummy to go back to her own country. Her mummy had started to go shopping every weekend with her sister and always buy her loads of designer clothes. Her brother got a ps2 and a laptop. She got 1 t-shirt. The neighbours eventually got evicted, but soon more moved in. The daddy next door would always be in the garden looking into her bedroom window and he would have his phone out, so she never opened her curtains. It was hard for her settling into a new school. She would see her boyfriend every saturday and they would go to the movies.

Now 14 years old, her sister made a new friend and he made the girl play truth or dare. It turned into just a dare game, he made her touch him and do things to him. She couldn't tell anyone he said they wouldn't believe her. 6 months later he stopped coming round. Everytime there was a school trip to go to dover or france, she went just to get away from home. One day she walked to the corner shop and on her way home her neighbour come speeding at her with his car as she was crossing the road. If she hadn't took the 3 steps back that she did she would of most likely been dead. Her boyfriend had dumped her as he found out that her daddy owed money to a lot of people and his mum didn't want them seeing each ther anymore. She was really upset.

Now 15 years old, she found out her sisters friend stopped coming round as he had killed himself. Her dad had started to flick her hair and slap her ass. Her mum had got seriously ill again and her neighbour had kept saying she was going to get what she deserves. She blew this away like a grain of salt and knuckled down on her exams.

16 years old and she had passed all her exams with B's and C's. She applied to the closest college and did what courses they recommended, she knew straight away she would not like it. Her cousin had started to become a rebel and got kicked out of school so she spent her free time helping her brother with his homework and home schooling her cousin. Her dad had started to call her a lesbian, because she hadn't had a boyfriend in 2 years, this really upset her as what he didn't know was she was confused herself. Her brother had joined in with her dad's anticts and started to slap her ass in public and whenever she spoke to a boy they would tell him she was a lesbian so they would walk off.

17 years old, dropped out of college and no job and no future. Going with her mum to all hospital appointments. She is still trying to figure out what she wants out of life.Her sister only talks to her if she wants something. Her dad makes her uncomfortable and her brother says disgusting that should stay in his head.


This little girl is scarred for life and has all these memories bringing doubt into the things she does, she never believes she is good enough. These are only some of things she has witnessed/experienced, there are a lot more worse things she did not want the world to know.


Some facts you should know;


Her mummy's grandad was asian so her dad was tanned and that passed down to her and everyone thought she was asian and that she shouldn't be in this country. Her mum was born disabled, so she spent a lot of time caring for her and flunked out of college due to having to care for her mum. Her sister was 2 years older than her, but she was unaware of many things that happened. Her brother has special needs so that makes things harder for her, making sure he ever finds these things out as it will effect him gratley, there will come a day when he will remember things, but until that day comes she lives in silence trying to forget everything that has happened. Her daddy is still mean to her, but he doesn't physically hurt her, just mentally. Her great nan who she was really close to died when she was 15 and dies 16 days before her birthday and her funeral was the day after her birthday, her family thought she wouldn't mind, as they wanted it as soon as possible, but they don't know that on her birthday she lights a candle, says a prayer and cries herself to sleep.


So next time you think your life is hard, just think of this little girl who has all these things happen to her and more, which are to horrible to even try to describe, but she powered through. There are many times when she found herself sitting with a bottle of pills or on a bridge, but she knew she couldn't kill herself, because the people around her needed her and she thought about the affect it would have on other people and she never once thought about herself.

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