Beach Days

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a mixed fanfiction with an Anime im currently working of called Derby Dolls, some romance, but nothing Voulger.. hehe sorry if thats what your into, but basicly the host club meet the derby Dolls at a holiday resort on the beach.. and well shizz happens ^-^ please reveiw etc

Submitted: April 02, 2011

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Submitted: April 02, 2011



Yumi twisted the key turning the engine of her new four by four off she looked around and smiled at her friends most of witch were smiling, apart from the smallest; Rini who was still sleeping, compared to the others she looked like a child, the small girl wrinkled up her nose and groaned as she opened her eyes, adjusting them to the bright light around her. Nyoko removed her now dead arm from around the girls shoulders and smiled down upon her “were here now” her voice was calm and her eyes sparkled her happy expression was mirrored  by the 5 other girls cramped in the now hot sticky car however Yoko’s smile was as usual the biggest the girl had a tendency to be overly positive , but it came with her name (Yoko is posertive on Japanise), she looked like she had come from somewhere better than earth her eyes were always wide and her mouth always stretched out into a beaming smile, next to her contrasting hugely were twins Yuri and Yuki, they looked out on the world cynically and there smiling was normally a bad singe to the rest of the group, but today was different the identical girls sat grinning they reached up to stretch mimicking each others movements perfectly, the only difference between them was there hair, Yuri the eldest was died a dark purple and Yuki’s a navy blue, they had died there hair in a rage about being mixed up, and had chosen to keep the colours to make life easier for there friends.


The blonde sitting in the driving seat of there car turned back to the front she kicked open her door and her smile widend as a cool fresh breaze blew onto her face and in the car, she hopped out quickly and streached her arms out infront of her admiring the already well built up tan on her arms, Yumi wasn’t from Japan her family originated from Australia they had moved when Yumi was only a toddler and brought her up in fluent Japanise, they were a rich family and could afford many good things like Yumi’s new pink jeep, Yumi slammed the door of her car and smiled once againat her friends clambering out of the car and into the warm daylight, the twins were the lat out of the carthe pushed and squirmd against each other and eventualy tumbled out the car Yumi laughed at them, she could never understand why they squabled and argued like they did, she thought that most twins got along, most twins were each others life.

Yumi was removed from her thoughts by Rini tugging on her arm, the childlike girl was smaller than Rini and looked about three years younger than her despite Rini being two weeks older than Yumi.

Rini looked up at Yumi with bringt meaning full eyes, she gestured for yumi to crouch down to her height before she spoke, the bigger girl did so and leaned down to hear Rini "i need the toilet" the small girl whispered she had a sweet voice that would have sounded more apropriot comming from a five year old rather than a girl of sixteen Rini blushed crimson and Yumi smiled, Yumi tried to smile as often as posible, her mother entered her into beauty padgons alot and the judges told her she looked prettyest when she smiled, but even when Yumi was not smiling she was very beatiful she had glowing green eys and bouncy blonde hair, she had recently died the tips of her glowing her a luminos pink, it suited her, Yumi had always loved bright colours and wore them most of the time, they suited her and contrasted against her tanned skin making her look like she had fallen from heaven into our world.

Yumi replyed to the smaller girl next to her by taking her hand and leading her along the concreat carpark to the nearest toilets she called out to the others to unpac the car and make there way towards to hotel, as they were walkingYumi passed an atractive blonde boy, she wasnt used to seeing other blondes in Japan, it stood our among other hair colours to her, she looked the boy up and down and as seh and him made eye contact he smiled poloitly at her, Yumi smiled half heartedly and found herself playing with her hair and blushing slightly, she was used to male atention even in trakies and a pony tale, so it was no suprise that this boy semmed intrested in her, but Yumi blushed becasue she was not normaly intrested in the boys admiring her.

Yumi quickly tucked her hair behind her ear ducked her head a little and sped up to the ladies room a few meters away her head still glowing crimson.

Hehe hpe you like it so far, please let me know what you think, the next chapter will be up shortly, incase you hadn guessed the blonde guy was ment to be Tamaki from the host club ^-^

Lots of love- Hat xxx <3 ^w^

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