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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is short script about of how old employee motivates the younger one in single bus stop conversation for his future interview explaining him about the importance of job in human life.

[A Man was busy talking on cell phone waiting for bus. He was Young guy with little time to spend. Other guy approaches minute later at stop. ]
Old guy : Sir ! Did 6:45 bus left ? What is time of arrival of next bus ? You have any idea how long it would take for next bus to arrive ?
Young guy: [rolling his eyes] Nope ! Just a minute…[continue chatting on phone]
Old guy : [looks at his right arm watch then peer at file hold by young man] Its almost time for bus.
Young guy : [turns of his mobile phone] Yup ! By this time it should have been arrived. May be there is some technical glitches from source point itself.
Old guy : [anxiously] I want to reach office on time. The work for today is pending in office.  [check his wrist watch repeatedly]
Young guy: Oh ! So you want to reach office on time. I think your pension days are near. Still show interested in work ?.
Old guy: I have toughest job to do. My work is to manage 11 employees under me. I assign job to them and they function accordingly. I have to enforce control on them to work properly.
Young guy: Oh Great ! You are doing good. It seem that it took long for you to manage those 11 employees under you. Hey! Today is my interview. Can you guide me please?
Old Guy: Yup, Why not ? I will give you description of demeanor of my 11 employees.
Old Guy : My first employee is too punctual . He arrives at time in office. He completes his work assignment on time.
Young guy: Who is next ?
Old Guy: My second employee and third one are in relation. Second one has job security while third one has job fear. They both work concurrently. Whenever my second employee does job correctly third one tries to demotivate him. I always have to keep third one busy until second does his work completely. Once second finish his job, he does not listen to third one at all.
Young guy: [bright face] and how does you keep them both engage?
Old guy: I undergo training of, “positive attitude ” to second employee and “how to make job permanent ” to third employee.
Young guy: That’s interesting…
Old Guy: My fourth employee is much interesting. He is in need of power. He is bossy in nature. He likes to be rule other.
Young guy: [with hatred on face] Such a rude guy. [with hate] He should be suspended from his job.
Old guy: No. I send him social circle. Make him new friends and colleagues. He get so engrossed with them that he hardly had time to rule someone.
Old guy : My fifth guy … Oh shit…
[Rain start pouring heavily. They both run under the shed. Gaze at terrible climate, dark clouds and continuous shower]
Old Guy: Yup ! My Fifth Employee is Stress full guy. He get worried for many things in life. I have to assure him that we have an arrangement for relief. He sometimes listen sometimes do as he says. [Laughing.. ] What can I do in such ? Some people cannot be managed.
Old guy: [excitedly] Hey bus ![both catches the speeding bus and occupies seat next to each other. Bus gain speed steadily]
Young guy : So what about remaining employees ? Are they kind enough to listen you.
Old Guy:  My sixth employee is man of word. He is extremely smart enthusiastic person. He is never afraid of challenges or hindrances. He is really needed guy but is in retirement age. I somehow tried to increase his tenure of work.
Young guy : [receives call on phone] Hi ! Varun How are you ? I am on the way to interview………. Yes! let see whether job is interesting or not… Ok then thanks…
Old guy : So ! Tell me something about yourself. [Removes his glasses and wipes it with handkerchief] I guess you are on road to interview.
Young guy : Yup ! I am on way to join company. I am Jay Khurana , 24 years old, graduate in Business administration. Intelligent and Energetic . Also, is curious to attend first interview of my life.  In interview words, I like to read books. My strength are that I am confident regarding my decision. One of my weakness is I get disappointed easily the moment I waste my time.
Conductor: Excuse me ! Where to travel ?
Both [Young and Old guy]: To next 3rd stop from current. [They look at each other]
Jay Khurana: [paying money with one hand] So ! We both have same destination.
Old Guy : No ! From today my destination is going to be changed. It’s my last day in office.  To be very straight forward I came only to ….[Two peoples quarrel in bus for seat. This distract old guy for moment]
Jay Khurana: So, Does you ever suffer from quarrel or conflict between employee ?
Old guy : Yes ! It’s nature of my seventh employee. He fight for petty reason. He is in opposition alway. My task is to make him think positively. When he get out of control, I provide him with holiday package.
Jay Khurana: That ‘s  very generous thinking. I mean Sending an employee to vacation. Is it not against company protocol ?
Old guy : Nope . Not, At all.  In fact, my eight employee always go for vacation. He is moody, comes at his own time and leave office at his own time. I never objected his manner of living. He is necessary for my company. He is responsible for my company goal achievement.
Jay Khurana: Are there no such employee who complaint about it ?
Old guy : Yes ! There is. My ninth employee has lot of complaint in his life. I have made suggestion box for it. He then takes suggestion from various other and wait for answer to pacify him.
[A stop arrives and they both depart the bus]
Jay Khurana:  Hey listen ! You can’t live me until you tell me about your final 2 employees.
Old guy : Sorry Gentlemen ! I will inform about only one employee and that’s me. Today is my retirement. I have only feeling that whoever take my position in office should be able to handle all of my above employees.
[Saying this old guy leaves for his work]
Jay Khurana: [passing sighs of relief He moves to nearby shop asking for address. He somehow reaches the destination. There he sit for a while waiting for his turn in interview. To receptionist] How much more time for interview to begin?
Receptionist : Sir has been in important office meeting. [She receives call] Yes sir ! Ok!  [drop her speaker. To young guy] My boss has reached his room. He can call you any moment.
Jay Khurana: Ok Thanks . I will wait for my turn.
[a moment later… he moves in ]
Jay Khurana: [he watches at person sitting on chair facing towards wall. He could not see interviewer face ] May I come in Sir ? [politely]
Interviewer : Yes ! You can have seat.
Jay Khurana: Sir ! My name is  …[interrupted in between]
Interviewer : No need for introduction I know you very well. I provide you a situation where you are at last day of your office, What will you do thing in your life that will make you remind forever as office worker?
Jay Khurana: [Thinks a lot. After long silence] Sir, I would make report of all my employees behavior and would guide any individual attending for job interview about them, I see in my route to office.
Interviewer : What do you think this will make you remind that you are one of the worker of company ?
Jay Khurana: May be that individual has been enrolled for my post.
Interviewer : and, How much you think number of employees the list would consist of ?
Jay Khurana: Eleven employees.
[Interviewer turn his chair facing toward individual. He was long sturdy arrogant man very firm in his comment and glance]
Interviewer : One last question ? Who will be the eleventh and last employee ?
Jay Khurana: [confused as he remind that old guy did not told him about last employee. Who might be it he whispers to himself] Ah ! [After much nodding his head] It’s me Sir. I mean a fresher and new comer of job.
Interviewer : Good ! It is since 20 years I got to listen this answer from your mouth. [with a smile ]You are selected for job. Come I would show you your cabin.
[They both travel to next room properly furnished with wooden table and chair in front.]
Jay Khurana: Thanks sir for your time! [merrily] I promise, I would work hard and focused in this office.
Interviewer : Are you interested in knowing an employee previously sitting on this chair before you ?
Jay Khurana: Very much excited to meet him.
Interviewer : Please come in Mr Vedant  [A man enters in to room. He was same person whom Jay met previously on bus stop]
Mr Vedant : So Congrats !  Gentleman, You gave the same answer which I gave years back while joining for this job.
Jay Khurana: [strange look] Yes ! Yes Sir ! [Interviewer laughs aloud]
Interviewer : [To Mr Vedant] So, I won the bet that I would hire same employee as you in this office and then only you can retire.
Mr Vedant : You certainly found the one .[staring at Jay]
Jay Khurana (Young guy) : Actually I have to say something ……[interrupted in between by Mr Vedant]
Mr Vedant : Give us a moment please, Would you ?[ to interviewer]
[Interviewer moves out of room.]
Jay Khurana : I am sorry Sir! I copied you.
Mr Vedant : Doesn’t matter ? Fresher are to learn from Experience ones. What matter is that you understand the eleven employees ?
Jay Khurana : So What about my answer ? Was that correct ?
Mr Vedant : Although, Truly speaking Your answer was partially correct. In reality all eleven employees was you itself. They are actually eleven experiences that every employee has in his work place. So,Best of luck for your future !. There will be day when you would say same thing to someone else. Good Bye and Good luck.
Jay Khurana : [relaxes on his chair] Yes ! I got selected. From tomorrow I will be on time to office.
 “Job is journey of Life, Try to Learn from it ” 

Submitted: June 27, 2017

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