Boom Bye Bye

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Submitted: January 06, 2014

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Submitted: January 06, 2014




Now here we go again

Through the depths once more

Into those magic hours

Like we did before

Don’t you see

Your logic is breaking

Your childish eyes

Mine for the taking

I do hate to see you

Slip up twice

But it’s so addictive to watch

Someone else throw the dice

You’re being dragged through hell

But you’re soundly sleeping

All the while your heart

Is kicking and screaming

Who knows where you’ll go

Where you’ll cut your bread

Where you’ll park your car

And lay your head

But why, when the stars shine

So brightly here

Do you let them alone

In loneliness and fear

Your luck will run dry

Your eyes go grey

Like the overcast sky

On this October day

And in the years to come

Will you still be a boy

Or leave behind boyish things

Leave alone boyish toys

I know the tides will turn

As i’m surfing the crest

You’ll shed your tears

On a hairless chest

So go away now

Leave the wine on the side

I’ll have the last half

At least you tried


( With a smile I’ll drink

As I blush with youth

To the obsessions of boys

And the addiction to truth) 

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