Poem about a 'space'.

n this space 

I am within the rock -
And without it
Ribbons of wind
lick my smooth surface
Tenderly, softly,
As the tangible lacking 
Of my character
Finds space here -
To breathe - 
To be -
And I am King indeed
Of this Derbyshire mountain -
This hallowed open-topped hall
Crown of the Shire -
Which, to my eyes, are only theirs
Here my Mother stood
In puffy parka jackets
With gelled ringlets,
Shouting after my Father
As he looked over the edge
She also, I believe,
Was within the rock
And without it -
As she looked on
At the iron man
On the peak
I return there alone now
No longer a boy in a Thomas the Tank Engine jumper
But a lover and a smoker
I look out over the shire
And with each drag of my fag
I am within -
And without -

Submitted: January 07, 2014

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