Overcoming anxiety. Removing the wool from your eyes.



It’s like I was asleep 
Our eyes were night lights -
Lucidly swaying mid-air
Between two little Gods:
Forgetting and recollecting
Everything happened underwater
My words were gargles of choked air
As my body curled inwards
Coiling back; foetal
Into Mother’s womb
Connected by a thread
Spun through your cipher
We come full circle -
Your memories are in my bones:
Holding myself as ice is shaved
Above me in December 20 years ago;
Sweaty and going deaf
To 90’s garage in Aiya Napa
We are one
Like you I suffer of the mind
Open minded to the point of leaking
I catch what remains with wet palms
And drink -
In the hope all goes back
With all the teen filtered out
Leaving behind the wool originally used
To sow me from ash
Into this toile of man
What were obsessions are now memories
The loved are the loathed
And don’t I love to loathe:
The past and her children -
That slow moving spider of time;
Her seeping sac of eggs
That drools over the fading, ebbing
Face of my past
Yet, still, reborn
Naked and blind -
Into the arms of myself
And the woman who came before me.
Internal motherhood begins:
Anxiety lost
And paradise is won -
A life worth living
Is a life on the run
Mother, thank you -
For the little skills you gave me
Scattered through my neurons;
Inlaid like diamond on pinheads
Self regulating 
My cerebral cognition -
Lucidly, onwards
From the jurisdiction of deities
Emotionally amputating
Old words
Old faces
Faces I venerated:
With distancing and forgetting
I cut, cut, cut
Till the skeleton of me is left
And the feeling takes over
The bliss -
The white heat -
Of building new skin
On new muscle
New face 
Old eyes
It’s good,
Very good -
To get your eyes back
And see everything you missed
While you were asleep


Submitted: January 07, 2014

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