Losing my childhood


You lead me in

To The Forest -

With the last of my childhood kicking and screaming,

Your eyes become knots

And your skin grew hard -

You become one of them.

I saw the remnants of my youth 

Swallowed by the loam

I might have even saw my mother’s face somewhere

Amongst the green


Your roots upturned the earth

As you waded through the falling leaves,

You no longer spoke;

You only moved -

As though fate pulled you closer and closer 

Towards your destination

On a thread of gossamer 


I floated in your path

Towards some sordid grove -

I allowed my corpse to float to a stone table 

As you began the ritual

I saw animals cheering

As you ripped open my stomach

And burned my organs in the name of your God

I watched them scorch black, while the sky turned denim


But as you reached out for my heart

You wretched,

Cowered in fear.

You squealed and sank into the ground,

Sealed there to rot 

As I lay on that stone table

The animals gnawing on my kidneys,

And my bladder,

My Intestines lay tangled a few metres from me,

My lungs - punctured - a few metres more

But my heart remained - untouched –

Submitted: January 07, 2014

© Copyright 2023 KingOfMisery. All rights reserved.

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