The battle of the dead King

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
a kings journey to a new world.

Submitted: January 03, 2011

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Submitted: January 03, 2011



He stood at the foot of the bed watching his wife sleep. She hasn't been able to sleep for days when the baby first came. So he told her to sleep and he'd take care of the baby tonight. As he held the child in his arms he could feel the child move, he got out of the room and went downstairs before he woke up his mother. He put the child in its crib. He brought the crib up to the room and lied it down to sleep. He knew he would need it. For the next day was the day the council met to speak of taking back the land of the dead to make the kingdom strong once more.

He awoke to his wife Amisi standing over the crib, her long flowing brown hair almost like a blanket for the child. "I missed him last night Biti." She said with a smile.

"He missed you too." Biti smiles as he stood up his face came in contact with the sun showing the eye he lost to the fallen king Khai. He wrapped it up with a silk cloth that wrapped half his face. It had a golden scarab embroidered in the section over his eye.

"Do you have to go in front of the council today?" Amisi said with fear in her eyes.

"You know I must, I am the King and for me to bring this kingdom together once again I must take back what has belonged to our people for centuries." Biti replied as he places on the golden scarab amulet around his neck.

"May Anubis grant you the strength to bring the fallen King Khai to rest once again." Amisi brought her hand up to Biti's eye and touched the scarab.

He put his hand on hers and brought it to his lips. "Anubis will bring him to his knees by my hands."

He put on his armor and picked up his scepter. He turned before stepping through the doorway. He walked out into the hall where his two most trusted guards awaited him. They both wore a black and gold neck ring. They wore the true king’s colors. "Master the council has gathered and are awaiting you in the throne room." Hetshepsu explained.

"Good then it will be quick." Biti hated waiting for them to be ready. He wanted to make sure Anubis was on the side of this war. His wrath would be disastrous.

As they stepped into the throne room, it was like stepping into the temple of Anubis. The statues of the Jackal god were in a row. They towered over Biti. The true king would always make the decisions, and Biti would act them out in his name. The floors were made of black rock and gold. Seeing the colors made Biti fear his god king. It kept him in line. "My King, we have been sent to interpret the message of our Lord Anubis" a priest clothed in jet black robes flowing with gold and Jade in with the black said standing.

"Speak Priest I must know what he wills us to do." Biti replied sitting in a throne fit for a giant. It was carved out of the wall.

"The Lord Anubis wills us to bring down the fallen king Khai. He will send you a great army to fight along side you. They will be known as the Ushabti Guards of the Temple of Anubis. We prayed and he has answered in our favor. Bring the head of Khai to the Temple and there you will be blessed with power and will to carry out any order you wish upon the kingdom." The priest said sitting in a smaller seat than Biti but carved out of the wall as well.

Biti smiled. He wanted the strength of Anubis and he was given it. "We march on the land of the dead and take back what is rightfully ours. Khai will be defeated in death as he was in life." Biti stood and waved for Hetshepsu to come. "Get the army to be ready to march to the temple of Anubis. We bring the fallen king Khai to his knees tonight."

Hetshepsu left the throne room immediately. He entered a small tower, he climbed to the top where stood a gold-plated horn. He placed his lips on the mouth piece and blew a tremendous blast into the kingdom and the men began to run together and get into ranks. By half day the army was in lines and ready to march. Biti stepped out of the palace and looked up to the sun. "Osiris Shine on us and bring your son to help us in this battle." He stepped onto his Chariot. It was lined with black and on the side were golden scarabs. The team that lead the Chariot was Pure black Panthers given to him from the king to the south as an offering of peace. Hetshepsu stepped on with Biti Clasping a Long bow. He places a quiver beside him. He put a small horn to his lips. The army began to March Biti in front to show that he would die for his people.

Watching Him leave the Palace Amisi knew that her husband was a strong leader and would give anything up to be the perfect ruler. "Go my King show the power the living have over the dead."

They had been marching for most of the day when finally they reached the temple of Anubis. Which bordered the land of the dead. The entrance to the temple had to jackal like creatures standing outside of it. They turned their heads to the king and spoke. "Halt Egyptian, state your name and Purpose."

The men watched as the king bowed to the great figures. "I am the King Biti sent to ask for the help of the help of the Ushabti."

"King Biti we are at your service. Inside you will find the high priest he awaits you at the altar speak with him and he will awaken the rest." the giant figure bowed and went back to it's standing form.

Biti entered the temple with hesitation he had only stepped foot in the temple once and that was with his father. Who had given his life to Anubis to give Biti the life he now had. Anubis watched over Biti as Biti will watch over the Kingdom. He found his way to the altar. There the High Priest sat beside the almighty god himself. "I am not worth my lord." Biti fell to the ground and bowed.

"stand my loyal servant, your ability to lead my brother’s people has made you worthy. I have come with great news." Anubis put his hand on Biti's shoulder and Biti arose. "Your father has requested the chance to fight along side of you in this great battle. I have granted him that honor, he will lead my soldiers into the battle."

"Thank you my lord. You have shown great mercy to your people and for that I will give you anything you ask of me" Biti keeled to his king.

"I ask only of one thing from you, I want you to give my people freedom and let none forget who has created them."

"Yes, my lord."

As Biti arose he saw a man standing at the foot of the altar. He was disfigured and rotting. It was his father. As he stepped into the light his skin began to regenerate into a muscular man. His Hair jet black, his facial features showed a man who was battle worn. The man smiled and embraced Biti. "My son you have grown into a great leader" Khenti pulled his son back to take a good look at him.

They marched on for seven hours of the seventh day. They reached the hill that over looked the land of the dead. The below them stood a massive army. They blew the horn of battle. Biti and his father Khenti watched as the army below them began to form ranks. They watched the fallen king Khai walk out of his tomb and step onto his chariot. His decaying hands gripped the rains. When he whipped the team that lead them to the front of his army.

Hetshepsu seeing over the shoulder of Biti, he felt an overwhelming sense of fear over come him. “My King shall I send in the first wave?” He managed to push through the fear.

“Call the Archers forward first.” Biti replied.

“My, Lord?” Hetshepsu was confused the arrows would not do any damage to an undead army.

“Son, Send my unit in first we are strong and will take many with us.” Khenti pushed.

“Very well, Send the Ushabti in.” He watched as his father began to march his men down the hill. Khai Sent in his Calvary first against them. The bodies clashed into a mass of black and white. Hearing the weapons clashing and creatures on both sides screaming as the fallen Ushabti crumbled into piles of sand. “Send in the Calvary.”

“Yes, my Lord.” Hetshepsu waved his hand at the Calvary captain. The captain began to run into battle with his units. Hetshepsu felt the Chariot move. He knew that he was now on his way to his death. When the panthers clashed with the first wave of the dead Hetshepsu felt a great strength enter him and his fear was no more.

The panthers brought down any enemy that dared to come close to biti. Biti looked across the battlefield and saw the fallen king Khai fighting three Ushabti and was winning. Biti unsheathed his sword it was golden with hieroglyphs written in black jade. He stepped down from his Chariot. Before he could move he was grabbed by Hetshepsu. “My, Lord please stay near me.”

“Then follow me, I see the fallen King Khai and I win take him down in the name of Anubis and Osiris.” Biti and Hetshepsu walked through the battlefield slashing and killing as they walked.

“You’re god has no power over me Biti, I live because Osiris wishes it upon me.” Khai raises his sword to strike when out of the sand rose a great being his eyes were as red as rubies he face was that of a dog and his body that of a man, in his hand he held a golden staff with the head of a Jackal.

“By the words of Osiris fall to the depths of the underworld and be devoured by Ammut.” Anubis struck down Khai and his army turned to dust before the eyes of Biti and Hetshepsu.

Biti and His men fell and bowed to the one true king of his realm. Anubis put his hand on the king and Biti rose. “You show no fear King and you must bring my people to victory for many years. Word has reach my ears of the over coming of the Nile by outside forces. Move you’re city deep into the desert and the gods with give you a great kingdom that will endure into time and power beyond the dreams of your people.”

“So it is written so shall it be done” Biti Bowed and motioned the men to regroup. The men marched through the night and reached the kingdom within the rising of the sun. Biti Called a meeting with the council of priests.

“I have been informed of the falling of the great kings in the Nile we have been chosen by the gods to be spared. As we speak an army from the land of Rome is marching on us. We are to move deep into the desert.” Biti walked towards his throne as he heard the grumbling of the people.

“We are already far from the Nile and we need it’s waters to keep what crops we are given to survive.” a man shouted from the grounds where people were standing.

“The gods have promised us land of great power and we will survive time itself. We will go to this land led my our true king and we will build once again.” Biti pointed at the entrance of the palace and there stood Anubis. All people fell to the ground.

“We leave tonight, pack nothing that is of importance only water and food for the trip, for by the time we reach the land your homes will be built with more riches than imaginable, those who disobey me and bring anything other than water and food will die before they reach the new land.”

The End

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