"The Devil"

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people are probably gonna be disaapointed by this story, cause it's not a story i wrote, but a dream i had. Please comment, if anyone knows anything on dream interpertations, cause i never had dreams where i actually see people get hurt.,
I also don\\t believe in god or the devil, soo.. :/

Submitted: January 07, 2012

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Submitted: January 07, 2012



i wrote this in my iPod on notes, so i was talking to myself, so if you're confused by it, now you know how i was writing it :P


I was on my bed with my friend Rachel, and we were at the construction site downtown where the old ice cream paradise was, and it was full of water and were just sitting on my bed rocking with the waves. The water was really deep.. i know it was.
We were trying to keep our pillows (my body pillow, MOrgans thin white pillos, and Rachel's fluffly white pillow) from falling off the bed into the water, and i remember opening this compartment on the sde of the bed and there was white pills in like.. a pot of gold chocolate box, but it had a blue cover. There was a lot pills in rows.
I don't remmeber what happened next, but i knew i was in the highschool now.

i was walking towards my law class (tech hall) but i stopped where the stairs were, but they weren't there, so it was a lot wider, and there was a table where my "class" was (i know none of these girls. It was made up of six girls and one boy, and we all sat at one table.) It was up against four grey lockers on the left side of this small room where the stairs use to be.
Badger was my teacher and i asked "what have i missed" he laughed and told me "ask your classmates" so i passed him and reached into the wall to grab paper, (it was like cubbys in the wall where they kept paper and stuff) I sat across from this blonde girl, she crumpled up this peice of paper and said "i don't believe in that crap"
and then the lights went out, for like a second and when they came back on, her eyes were gouged out, and they were just black holes, and she fell over dead.
I remember people running every where, even people that didn't see what happen. The lights were flickering as i ran down the hall, and i had a naked mole rat in my pocket (kim possible ; use to watch it as a kid, but i haven;t watched it anytime recently) and my naked mole rat fell out of my pocket and when i went to go pick it up it was gone within the second the light flickered out.

Now i don't know what happened next, but i was in some barn, ranch, cottage thing, with "my classmates" except the girl that died. And the girl from The Craft was there, the one with the really short black hair, not Nive Campbell) and we heard a really loud, scary dream, and The Craft Girl asked "Who's there?" like that one scene in the movie The Craft, she had a big smile on her face when she said it. Anyways it answered "The Devil" and the lights went out. Everyone was facing south of the room, and i was facing north (something i experience in my dreams all the time, this at least happens once. I go into like "movie version" where i'm a camera at an angle watching) but anyways i was facing north and i seen the girl in the far back get attacked. Something jumped on her and it was small that it's legs wrapped around her neck, and she was struggling, but no one heard or saw it but me. And then it ripped off her head and she fell over dead. The lights turned back on and her body wasn't even in the room. That voice spoke again "come outside" and we did. We heard banging on a door from another ranch, barn, cottage thing across from us. Now I'm in movie version again. I'm up high, and looking down at angle, and all these huge dogs came flying out from those doors.They had faces of pit-bulls, and they were massive though, and dark brown.
They looked so vicious.

Now i don't remember what happened next again, but i was this big, wide, long room, like a conference room but bigger and longer, It had really nice blue carpet, and there was this small table on one side and two old fashioned dressers. One was one side and one was on the other side. Now i was doing something, like reading papers, and one old fashioned dresser was across from me. Now I'm in movie version again. i walked over to the other side of the room, i can see myself walking away to the right and me (camera) is going towards the old fashioned dresser, and "the Devil" slowly opened the doors, and jumped out, and made it's way over to me. But is used it's left arm and leg, it was like limping to me. Like it's right arm was dead or something. But i'm still in movie version and i'm beside it walking slowly with it's pace and it's going to me.. then it looks up at me (camera) and gets in the other dresser quietly. And I'm across from that dresser, but facing the opposite way, i'm looking at something.. a picture?
and now I'm me again, and i hear a thump, and i look across to the other side of the room. i run out cause i'm scared, and right across from that room, like two feet away is another room. when i get in there and closed door, i realize it's Morgan's room. Exactly like his room. I opened his door and yelled "Phoenix" really loud. I can actually hear myself scream loud, like i actually was screamin in my sleep. And this hallway is shaped like two L's. When i look out into the hallway to my left, it's pitch dark but i know it turns like an L. Now i look to my right and i saw a light coming from around the sharp turn (like my old house). I yelled Phoenix's name again, and i head my couch (yes my couch, it makes the loud creaky noise when you sit on it, or get up) I yelled again and heard footsteps, and i yelled one more time and he came running around the corner into my room.
He sat down on the corner of the bed where Morgan always its, and he's looking up at me.I asked him if he wanted to put salt down at the door again, and if he wanted to sage this room, he nodded yeah to me. Then i asked if he wanted to take those white pills downtown. (lol i know that sounds bad.) Somewhere in my dream, i got told that those pills will protect if you take one, it will protect you from anything evil.

I woke up, differently. I just opened my eye lids like i've been awake that whole timeblank.gifi never wake up like thatblank.gif
I never had bad dreams where i could see bad things happen to people. Like when her head got ripped off, or when her eyes got gouged out, and it invovled "The Devil"
ugh i still can't get the picture of him crawling towards me out of my headblank.gifit was fucking creepy. 'The Devil" was really tiny though?blank.gifi heard he can take any form though..
and i think those pit-bull faced huge brown dogs were suppose to be hell hounds?
but yeah.. is someone i know gonna die or something? cause that was insane i never actually see anyone get hurt in my nightmares like that.. like when her head got ripped off, it was night, so there was moon-light shining in, so i could sorta of see her clearly when her head got ripped off:/

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