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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: The Road to Imortality

Karn, the orphan of a great Paladin and a healer, begins his quest to exterminate all those involved in the slaughter of his home town, Rust. To do this, he will need to train harder than he has before to control and expand his already vast potential, but to complete his quest, will he have to give up all it means to be human?

Table of Contents

Down Pour

This is my first story. I hope its as good as I find it to be. If not please let me know! Read Chapter

Dark Memories

The rain hit less than an hour after Karn started down the road, coming down in a freezing cold sheet of water. He wasn’t fazed, having... Read Chapter

The New Way

When they found Karn, the changelings immediately moved to help the boy, not trying to pry the massive blade from the boys iron grip. F... Read Chapter

The Mask

As the days went by, Karn proved useful. Even with his injuries, he was able to help the blacksmith make and repair pots and pans, in r... Read Chapter

The Top of the Hill

Sorry for such a long chapter. I just didn't find a way to cut it shorter or split it into two chapters. Enjoy! Read Chapter

A Short Stop

Warning! Not complete! You have been warned! Read Chapter