Charmer and Tony

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Jet has been running from two men, Bo and Barth for a couple of years. Receiving help from various people along the way.

Submitted: August 28, 2012

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Submitted: August 28, 2012




Jet’s legs were scraped with cuts and bruises.  The forest brush was on her clothing and in her hair, but she kept running, or at least trying to.  Her head throbbed, and her legs like jell-o; but if you were listening before, she kept running.  But then, she had no choice but to stop.A giant bear lumbered out from behind a tree.  Jet’s heart pumped even faster then before.  She took one step backwards, and then stumbled as a gunshot rang out from behind her.The bear fell, making the leaves sputter, and her hair blow.  She turned around in awe to find a boy with a shotgun over his shoulder and a bloodhound puppy sitting at his side.  The puppy bounded toward her suddenly, jumping on her thighs making them burn even more.  She clutched them in agony. 

“Charmer, down!”  He commanded, immediately the dog got down.  He had a deep voice for his age, but you could hear gentleness in it. 

“I’m Tony, this is Charmer.”

 “I’m Jet.”  I let out an embarrassed laugh while my cheeks turned pink.  I could’ve done that, shoot a gun…I lowered my head and crossed my arms.  Suddenly, the bushes started to rattle; he slung his gun over his shoulder and said, “home” quietly to Charmer, of course, Charmer obeyed.  Then he climbed a tree, I followed too.  When we got a branch or two into the leaves, he whispered, “Pretty good tree climber for a girl with no shoes,” I couldn’t help but secretly smile.

“We got ‘em.” Bo whispered

“Shut your mouth, or you’re going to send ‘em away.”  Barth whispered back, two men had an almost silently conversation while both snuck under the tree that the two kids were perched in.

“Watch this” Barth whispered.  Carful not to hit the girl, he shot his gun straight up.  They did not fall, they flinched though.  Embarrassed as the smart one there, he quietly cursed under his breath.

“They didn’t fall, boss” Bo chuckled.

“I know dumbo, uhhh…  that was supposed to happen, yeah, they weren’t supposed to fall.”  Barth replied.

“Oh.  Well that was still-” he elbowed him in the stomach,  “uuuggghhh, why’d ya do that boss?”  Bo cried quite loudly.

“You were getting on my nerves, that’s why, now SHUSH!” Barth commanded, but didn’t quite work.

“Geez…”  (You sometime have a little sympathy for Bo, the poor guy)

Back in the tree, well, they heard that whole conversation.  They stared the men straight down, glaring and having a stern face.  Then, a man bigger than all the rest stepped over a bush and commanded, “What are you doing here, young men?”

“This is my father.  The command home, also meant, get help”  Tony explained, I didn’t say a word, I was too interested in what Tony’s father might do.

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