The Regal Copper

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A girl is kidnapped by a regal copper dragon. She is supposed to be the ONE, to fight the top dragon, while being scared out of her wits, by a regular dragon.

Submitted: August 28, 2012

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Submitted: August 28, 2012




Even though the other village girl’s tease me about it, my dream lives on.  That dream lives up to the actual day it takes place; October 18, midnight. 

I was laying in bed after a long day of everyday, nonsense mush.  Stuff that happens everyday.  As my clock beeps 12:00, an orange cloud of smoke in the distance billows from the cave that held the town terror, the reptilian.  A shadow came with the smoke, but I didn’t dare notice.  The cave seemed to glisten in the moonlight, it almost looked magical.  Then as if the… thing, knew I was still focused on the cave, a flash of bright orange came out of the dark and swiped me out of my bed.  I was too afraid to call for my dad, or even make a yelp.  As I was dangling from the reptilian’s left front leg, I noticed one thing.  The lizard had a harness on. So making up a plan in my head, as quickly as possible I inched up the lizard’s leg avoiding the spikes.  But as I was crawling up the lizard’s leg; the spike on the tip of the wing slashed my neck.  For a few seconds, I was hanging there in agony.  Fear slowly overcame me. Pushing the pain aside, determined to, I let one hand go as I grabbed for the vertical strap, pulling myself up and up.  Once at the top, I threw my leg against the dragon’s side and on top of the harness.  Hoisting myself up so I was strapped against the side of the dragon’s neck and the harness.  It wasn’t easy, but I did it.  I held on tight as the thing whizzed by the mountains, caves, hills and valleys.  Soon, we came upon a castle.  The bricks were neatly arranged, but some were chipped a bit.  It was a gloomy grey, and more fire puffs arose from the inside of the castle.  A piercing scream made the lizard jerk to a stop.  Leaving me to almost fly off the lizard.  A yellow blur streaked across the sky, spitting something venom like into the pit of fire.  Then we flew to the side of the castle where there was a big wall.  We crept up and up, and I didn’t understand if he was one of them why didn’t he just go wide out in the open?

“It’s not that easy my friend” A voice in my head rung out. 

“Who said that?” I snapped.  The lizard thingy (which I recognized as a Regal Copper, I think.  If it is a dragon) swung its head toward me,  “I am not and IT,” the lizard replied, at least I think that was the lizard.

“Yes that was I.  The DRAGON.  I am not a lizard, or lizard THINGY, but I am a Regal Copper, FYI.  As they say in the 21st century.”  And he said all that with a British accent.

“But I am not British. Isn’t that amazing!” This is really starting to give me the heebie jeebies.

“If you’re really going to be fighting the top dragon, don’t be a scardy dragon yourself.  Now we’ll be discussing the top dragon once we get to my Layer.  I have my own level; not bragging or anything.” The dragon BRAGGED.

“HEY!”  I rolled my eyes; apparently the dragon can hear my thoughts, and my comments.  Sadly.



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