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Submitted: June 07, 2018

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Submitted: June 07, 2018



Dear Kids,

When you were younger I was built like a tank. I helped develop both of your minds from blank. My fun times are now considered the good ol days. Whether you learned or not comes from the decisions of one's ways. Now i have become weak as you grew to be very strong. I molded you, took you with me to the top like KinG Kong. Now its I that needs your help to carry on. Now you're at the age of the explorer, as I'm scared to die alone. I witness the rebirth of me through my seeds. Whether by myself or with someone we provided your needs. Everyday that is given I'm pleased. With the both of you having the energy i dont have, it's as if being teased. Its easy to forget that which can't be remembered. If i could do it twice, to raise the both of you, my life I would've once again surrendered. You can ignore but age is the shadow lurking slapping your behind. If your ends wasn't narrow, i wouldnt hesitate to give you mine. As a dawn breaks my bones ache. Sometimes a simple grab i shake. The pain is too awful to be awake. Family or friends my age are orphans at their retirement home. I feel the fall of Rome, will God leave me alone? So if you can please help me out, like a date take me anywhere. Have my back as if im in and your pushing my wheelchair. Show me that im still worthy of being here and that you care . Love you forever, Your Dad

Ps I'll always be there.

????KinG WeBStaR

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