Being Left-Handed

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These are some facts and opinions about being left-handed

Submitted: January 22, 2013

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Submitted: January 22, 2013



As you're reading this, frist think of as many people as you can. Then see if they are either right handed or left handed. Predictions that most of them are right handed. (If most of the people you're thinking is mostly or all left handed, that is rare.) Here are some facts about the left handedness.:

- There is a low percentage of people in the entire world being left handed.

- It is actually illegal in some countries to be left handed or use your left hand to do anything but wipe your butt.

- If both parents are both righties, there is a 2% chance of their baby being left handed.

- Lefties use their right hemisphere of their brains, which makes you a visuable thinker or you're rather musical, artistic, and creative.

- Many kids get bullied in other places for being left handed.

- Mostly everything is fitted for the right hand. ( Can Openers, Scissors, Baseball Gloves, Instruments, ect.)

- Left handers day is August 13th.

- Mothers having a child over the age of 40 have a greater chance of the child being left handed.

-  There is a theory that if you're left handed, you had a twin or you had a "vanishing twin." (It's not possibly true though. It's just a theory.)

- All of the times that the left hand was in the Bible, they were all negative sayings.

- The usage of the left hand was thought to be evil or cursed.


I think we should have more products fitted for left handed people or just be a little more aware of it. Lefties are always given a hard time by living and nonliving things as well, but this is just my opinion. What do you think? Thanks for reading! 

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