Happy Birthday Umi!

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Umi is the guitarist of Japanese rock band: vistlip. The other members are thinking to make a celebration party for him. But, for the information the members are always like to goofing around and usually turn everything into a mess. What would they gift for the guitarist birthday and what would he react?

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Submitted: August 02, 2011

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Submitted: August 02, 2011



“Tomo~~~” call Tohya with a spoil voice.

“Hm?” Tomo doesn’t give too much attention to Tohya. He’s busy reading a magazine.

“Umi’s birthday is coming, we should prepare something for him,” said Tohya leaning his back to Tomo’s.

“Ah, you’re right!” Tomo suddenly rises and make Tohya falls to the couch.

“We should prepare something for him!”

“That’s what I’ve said,” Tohya gets up.

“What should we prepare?” wonders Tomo. That time Rui and Yuh are coming inside to the studio. They notice the confuse look from Tomo and Tohya.

“What’s with them?” ask Yuh. Rui shakes his head. It’s quite odd to see the two goofy looking confused like that. Usually they would be noisy and teasing each other.

“Hey guys, what happen? Why are you looking so serious?” ask Yuh. He gets ignore.

“Rui~~~” Tohya jumps out to Rui.

“What the?” ask Yuh surprised.

“Ah, you’re here,” said Tomo.

“We’ve been here for some time,” told Yuh taking a sit. Tohya is still hanging around Rui. The bassist is just smiling seeing the drummer behavior.

“Now why are you looking so serious?” ask Yuh hoping this time he won’t get ignore.

“Umi’s birthday is coming soon. We should prepare something for him,” said Tomo.

“Yuh-san’s birthday is also coming,” reminds Rui.

“Ah, that can be deal later,” said Tomo. Rui smiles seeing Yuh’s hopeless face.

“So, do you have any plan?” ask Yuh.

“Let’s make a cake!” suggest Tohya.

“We’ve done that before, beside its too usual,” said Tomo.

“Then what should we give him?” ask Rui.

“Giving him a guitar?” suggest Yuh. Tomo, Rui, and Tohya are looking at him with unbelievable look.

“Sorry, I’m just suggesting,” said Yuh.

“Then suggest something that can be useful and affordable for us!” moan Tomo continue with his thinking. Suddenly the door opens and Umi comes in.

“Umi!!” shouts Tohya and hide behind Tomo. Umi is surprised to see Tohya’s reaction. The other three are also showing a surprised look.

“What? Why you’re face like that?” ask Umi.

“No..nothing…” said Tomo nervously. But Umi won’t believe him just like that.

“Are you guys up to something?”

“No, we’re just talking about…mmph…” Tomo quickly cover Rui’s mouth with his hands.

“It’s a secret plan. Don’t tell him anything,” whisper Tomo. Rui slowly nod. Umi become more suspicious seeing the two actions.

“No, we’re just talking…It’s not an important thing, really, right?” Tomo demand agreement from the others. Tohya and Yuh quickly nod, along with Rui whose Tomo’s hands still cover his mouth.

“Okay….” said Umi.

“If you don’t have important thing to talk, then let’s start the rehearsal, shall we?” Umi takes his guitar and stem the tune.

“Yes! Alright! Yosh! Let’s do the rehearsal!” said Tomo excited. Umi swiftly laugh seeing Tomo’s reaction. Everyone quickly get to their position. It’s obvious they are hiding something. But, Umi choose to not discuss it any further and just start the rehearsal.

“Are we seriously going to do this?” ask Yuh making sure. In front of him there are ingredients to make a cooking. For celebrating Umi’s birthday they decide to make him a cooking.

“The cake you made him last time was...err…I can’t find the word how to express it,” said Yuh.

“Because it’s a cake, this time it’s a cooking. It’s a lot easier!” convince Tomo.

“I’m still not sure…no one from us can cook beside Umi,”

“That’s why we’re cooking for him now. He’ll be surprised!” said Tomo excited.

“Don’t you worry; it will work because we have this!” Tomo pulls a recipe book. The title is “Easily cooking”.

“Whoa~~~ that should do it, Tomo!” said Tohya also feeling excited. Yuh shakes his head several times still feeling not sure. He looks at Rui’s smiling face and realizes the bassist is also agreeing to do cooking for Umi.

“Yosh! Let’s get start before Umi comes!” told Tomo preparing himself.

“Hush!” told Rui. He’s listening to a sound. He knows the sound.

“He’s here,” told Rui.

“Eh????” both Tomo and Tohya surprised.

“Yuh! Stop him from get inside!” told Tomo.

“Eh? What should I do? Beside, for how long?” ask Yuh looking confused.

“I don’t know! Just do anything to stop him!” Tomo pushes Yuh to the door. Yuh don’t know what to do as Tohya opens the door and push him out of the room. He’s almost bump into Umi whose looking surprise to see him.

“Yuh? What’s going on?” ask him.

“Ah…that…the…well…” Yuh doesn’t know what to say.

“Hah? What are you saying?”

“I….I have something to talk with you, come with me,” Yuh pulls Umi away.

“Eh? But, wait, Yuh,” Yuh ignores Umi’s words and keep pulling him away.

“Okay, now what you’re going to talk?” ask Umi as they finally stop. Yuh is looking confused since he doesn’t know what to do to give time for the other three.

“Err…well…I want to talk about the release…and also the live,” said Yuh.

“What? But, we’ve talked it during meeting and everything is already agreed.”

“Yes, we have. But, I just want to make sure,”

“Make sure about what?” Yuh becomes more and more confused.

“Err…that we will do our best and we won’t disappointed everyone. We will make it happen!” said Yuh in highly spirit. Yuh made Umi smiles.

“I understand. I want to do the same too. I want to do my best so everyone will be happy. It’s what I want to do, but it’s also what I have to do as a leader,” told Umi. Yuh stunned.


“Don’t worry; we’re going to do it the best we can. Let’s work hard together,” smiles Umi.

“Umi…” Umi stills smiling when suddenly a loud noise heard from the room where Rui, Tomo, and Tohya were preparing for Umi’s birthday. Umi and Yuh quickly run to take a look. As they get inside, it’s already a mess. The stove has blow up and also blown everything up: the ingredients, the cooking equipment, to all over the place. The face of Rui, Tomo, and Tohya were black from the smoke. Their hair was also mess up. Umi can only stand in shock seeing all of it.

“You don’t have to do this for my birthday,” said Umi as he watches Rui, Tomo, and Tohya working together to clean up the mess. Yuh finally explain what has happen.

“You can just simply ask me out for a drink,”

“Eh? Just like that? We’ve been thinking to give you new guitar,” said Yuh.

“That’s also a good idea,” Tomo throws a dirty towel to Yuh.

“Shut up. Why you don’t get to clean up?” ask Tomo upset.

“I’m not the one who blows up the stove,” said Yuh with a winner smile. Tomo becomes more upset seeing him like that.

“Seriously guys, you don’t need to do anything for my birthday. I’m happy just having you around,” said Umi. Everyone stills.

“Umi…” Yuh lost his words.

“Umi…” with teary eyes, Tomo slowly approach Umi. Umi quickly stand, he feels something bad will happen. But, Tomo quickly bumps and hug him. They fall to the floor.

“Umi!! Happy birthday! I’m wishing you a happy and great life! Happy birthday!” said Tomo keep hugging Umi. Umi wants to get lose from Tomo, but the words stop him. With taking a sigh, he slowly pats Tomo’s back.

“Yes, thank you very much,”

“Umi~~~~” Tohya joins the party. Umi get squeezed.

“Ano…guys…” Umi hasn’t finished his words when Rui also joins them on the floor.

“Wait…” Umi tries to talk. Rui looks at Yuh and handed his hand. Yuh smiles and take Rui’s hand.

“I won’t ask anything for my birthday,” and he joins hugging Umi at the floor.

“Happy birthday Umi!!” said them in the same time.

“Okay…okay…I get it. Thanks! Now, GET THE HELL OFF ME!!!” shout Umi hardly to breathe.

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