Friendliness is not just friendship (J)

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Friendliness is not just friendship (J)

Submitted: September 15, 2012

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Submitted: September 15, 2012




Friendliness is not just friendship

The difference is between a boat and a large ship

A room with few windows or  open sky 

Friendliness is all embracing and ever widening circle of relationship.


 Buddha calls it 'Maitri,' an expansion of oneself

Reaching out to all with love and compassion

Not a stagnant puddle but an ocean

A loving kindness, unconditional sharing of yourself.


We all have relationship of friends and family

 Extending some times to community and nation but rarely to the human family

Stagnant and isolated pools of relationship often breed conflicts and wars

  A couple, family, a few friends or community can gang up to have Mafia wars.


 But friendship and family can be a lab and a beginning

For creating and nurturing unconditional loving

Love- spiral freezes at any level it hardens into a fort of battle

We can learn unconditional and expanding love from a tiny flower with its fragrance tenderly spreading.

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