Game of Mirrors

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Game of Mirrors

Submitted: September 15, 2012

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Submitted: September 15, 2012



Game of Mirrors

Existence is a game of mirrors.

The world as you perceive is a reflection in your mind's curvaceous mirrors.

It is distorted or decorated and acquires the feature

Of the perceptual mirror's curvature

From this image you can create your own universe

As in Plato's reflection of the reality outside on the walls of the cave 

It is tainted and tinted with emotions positive or negative, ugly or beautiful, timid or brave.

Science tries to objectify this subjective world by measurement and instruments equations, brief and terse. 


You react and operate on your inner theatre's phase

Romantic or didactic, tragic or comic as per the interior movie montage

You can make the interior cool and objective, sad or cheerful, angry or loving

By shifting your minds kaleidoscopic setting


World is also a mirror of yourself  

Reflecting, reacting and responding as you are

Happy, sad or bizarre

To a great extent for your experience of the world you are responsible yourself.


Life is a game of mirrors

Of shadows and reflections, heaven or horrors

With love and intelligence, beauty and creativity

You are the creator, witness, with equanimity  

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