God's Postal Address

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God's Postal Address

Submitted: September 15, 2012

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Submitted: September 15, 2012



A strange query a boy was obsessed,

Listening to Gods Omnipotent's

With infinite love and omniscience

By everyone this attribute were stressed


After a long and sterile search, finally he met a very old sage

"After creating, God the creator lived with his creation

But man would soon find him and pester Him with demands and prayerful petition

God searched everywhere to live "incognito"- Earth's womb, sky and under oceanic waves


But man would soon hound him out by his superior technology

Diving in the sea, stellar explorers and digging dip in the Earth,

He decided to hide in man's deepest core where he hardly looked as a place of worth

He became abstract and pervaded the creations cosmology


He became one with his creation, in temple, mosque, a particle of sand, a ripple or a star

He, like Brahman and Tao, was everywhere and nowhere

In every form yet formless, difficult for man to detect unless he went inside his own core so near and so far!

Thus the postal address of God is in your heart and soul, with centre everywhere and circumference nowhere"


The boy in his innocence got the sense and mailing address

He could feel God's presence everywhere and in every form.

He didn't have to go through search and stress

Surprisingly, he could also sense deeply God's attribute, abstraction and form.


The wise elders of a disturbed village

Full of conflict, violence and craze

They went to seek the advice

To a nearby hill where meditating, was a Jain sage


Listening to their sad story closed his eyes for a while

Then he said "A God will reincarnate in your village in a little while

The elders went and waited for a month and found no difference

They came back to the saint and said they could not find the God – incarnates' presence

The saint after closing his eyes said the God has already incarnated

You have to search in everyone where he is located

The elders went and everyone started searching God in each other

Soon the village was transformed with harmony and godly flavor.

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