Hope or Hallucination?

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Hope or Hallucination?

Submitted: September 15, 2012

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Submitted: September 15, 2012



Hope or Hallucination?

One is a life force, 'elanvital' the other is minds disintegration.

Two boys locked in a room survive starvation for several days, with just hope

When the door opened with a remark, "My God! You rascals are still alive!"  They died with killed hope.

A man with terminal cancer, was declare lucky if for just a month, he survived

When he learnt about a miracle medicine in a respected research report  

He pestered his doctor and got the drug injected and for several months he survived

He died promptly as he learnt of clinical failure of the drug through another medical report!

And Mr. Placebo was given by his doctor a fake watery injection!

The two stories are telling examples of hope as the life saving force and motivation

Hope is living in vital positive possibility

But it can't be an impossible fantasy; it has to be based on estimated realistic probability.

It is true that man can live without food for forty days

And without air for eight minutes and without water for three days

But with zero hope his life is over in a moment!

Hope is not hallucination; it must be tempered with intelligent vision and precautionary but not the coward's ways!

Life hangs on hope

Yet it dies with a shattering disappointment

Living in possibility with a reasonable hope

Live with vision yet a reality check and a passionate commitment.

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