Mahabharat- the great war epic

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Mahabharat- the great war epic

Submitted: September 15, 2012

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Submitted: September 15, 2012



Mahabharat- the great war epic

Unrivalled in breadth and depth

 It is greater than Iliad or Odysseus, Homer's Greek epic

Blend of human realism and bright values and idealism is it's very strength.

Every hero or character is flawed

 Due to curse or inner weakness

Fraudulent greedy, arrogant or ill-starred

Dropadee shared by five husbands, is gambled of in a manner, sick and shameless.

Mutely witnessed by wise elders she is stripped in open 'Darbaar'

Her friend Krishna the God –incarnates saves her by endless extension

 of Saari,by his miraculous act and decision

The most infamous scene in history, it was soon followed by the Great War.

Bhagwad Geeta , the  brightest jewel in the bloody crown

Of Mahabharat, is a book of great renown

Teaching karma not entangle with fear of future or mishaps of past

 But with quality and values of dharma; and justice, never let down.

 Hamletesque  Arjuna is motivated to fight for  values and justice

Even his respected elders, Guru, friend and relative

With courage and Dharmik motive

For a lasting value- based peace.

Mahabharat is both, realistic and fantastic

With men who are great warriors and donors yet with lust arrogance and misplaced vows and loyalties

It has integrity and yet cunning, politic.

women, beautiful and polyandrous ,not known for chastities .

Good  wise men are weak and bad are' blind' and strong

  Geeta is a celestial war song

 knowledge and superstition, logic and miracle  strategy and  crooked tectics

 Mahabharat is a knowledge bank, a national library and epic, condensed yet long.

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