Maitri and Gratitude - Unconditional

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‘Maitri’ and gratitude –unconditional

Submitted: September 15, 2012

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Submitted: September 15, 2012



True excellence is unconditional.

And this, in our core is natural

“If you have not learnt much, be grateful that you have learnt at least little

If not, thank yourself that you didn’t for sick, physical or mental”.


“Even if you fell sick, be gratefulthat you were not dead

And if you died celebrate that you are librated

This is unconditional gratitude “, Buddha said.

Similarly unconditional ‘Maitri ‘and friendliness is inculcated.


“Where you are going to teach, bad people will insult you “

“They will insult me but not hit me”

 “What if they hit you”?

Buddha’s disciple said,”  “I will thank them if they only hit but not killed me”.


“What if they killed you”?, Buddha persisted

“Then I will be grateful for getting me librated”!

Buddha certified the disciple for his unconditional ‘Maitri’

To teach the same village his journey started.


 This unconditional ‘Maitri’ (friendliness)

Is associated with compassion equanimity and being happy with other’s happiness

Thus excellence and Buddha’s four values

Are unconditional and signs of true natural greatness!


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