No matter never mind!

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No matter never mind!

Submitted: September 15, 2012

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Submitted: September 15, 2012



No matter never mind!

And age –old confusion of difficult kind

Whether the world is made of matter or is  mental - spiritual?

 Or it is both, matter as well as mind.


In fact neither matter  is same as mind

 Nor mind is of material kind 

Yet both are connected , aspects  and levels of the same system

Two in one and one in two, a paradoxical bind.


but there has been a raising conflict between Monism and Dualism

and  multiplicity or  pluralism

 matter-mind, body –heart- brain- soul , manifest-unmanifest

Essence- Form(or Existence), rationalism-spiritualism, in fact any type of conflicting ism


reason-observation- imagination-intuition, faith-skepticism

a large array of dualism and pluralism

transient- permanent, freedom-connectivity, local-global

these conflicting concepts have riddled knowledge with deep schizophrenia and schism


a more reasonable and modern view is that they are  parts of the same system

two edges of continues band  spectrum

we have to perceive and synergize  the One in Many and Many In One, a paradoxical breed

We reach the mystic, Zero-Infinity, two sides of the same coin indeed.



Modern physics has blood the dualism

Wave- particle, matter-energy, space-time, here – there, now-then

Injecting, probability, uncertainty, relativity and complementarity in the scientific vein

Thus both science of matter and Being are merging without any schism!

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