Parallel universe or multiverse

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Parallel universe or multiverse

Submitted: September 15, 2012

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Submitted: September 15, 2012



We are embedded in many worlds and parallel universe

We better call it multiverse

In cosmology 'dark and white  matter and energy'

The world of antiparticles and manifest or virtual field and reality.


Is there synergy or separation and isolation?

Or like the shells of onion

With different layers and yet a symbiotic union!

 electron, proton- quarks or cosmic dimension.


between big crunch in black hole and big bang through white hole

there is an unknown world of multiple  dimensions sans time and space

'shiva' sleeps, laws of nature fail, with God perhaps we are face to face

travelling speedier than light we could explore the cosmic whole


the world of microbes and some animals under unbelievable heat and pressure

without air and nutrition are found in sea bed, Earth's womb even moon and mars

there could be totally different aliens in distant planets and stars

there could be life based on dry silicon not moist carbon and 'intelligent, alive robots' with  loving feature


Mythology, specially Indian has many' lokas', a multiverse of God and demon

with unbelievable powers, positive or negative sub or super human

we have to explore and synergize for higher evolution and mystic peaks

in fact each man's mind is a parallel universe, with or without communication!


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