Problem is Solution!

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Problem is Solution!

Submitted: September 15, 2012

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Submitted: September 15, 2012



Paradoxical? But it is true that problem is solution!
They say, every problem has a solution
It may be veiled or potential like sun in womb of darkest night
It is for us to act upon but problem does breed multiple solution
What is the worst that is going to happen?
We have to accept the worst if it has to happen
What are the actionable solutions and which is the best?
When my action and it's first step is going to happen?
There is a lesson and strength concealed in every problem
If you take it as challenge, you rise Taller and climb to a higher level
Like a jewel- headed snake there is a gem embedded in every problem
A problem may reveal a new opportunity, a new dimension, and a new level.
There is magic in shift of perspective
From close-up to long short or wide angled perspective
See the problem in context of community and humanity
See it in the context of your own stretch of life and history of humanity
A blade of grass becomes a mountain if very close to your eyes
And mountain becomes a molehill far away from your eyes
So see the problem by shifting context or perspective or your long range goal and mission
Get busy in day to day work as per your action plan for your vision.
Divide or Analyze the mountain of the problem
Much easier to handle the bits of the problem
Live life day to day, moment to moment as per your innovative plan of action
Very soon you will get over, forget and forgive the problem!
Accept and wait; time is a great healer
May be God or nature has some better plan which you can't know right now
And the problem is just His feeler!
So a problem is really a solution and you are to act on your schedule, right now.
A problem is a problem when you think it should not be what's so
It dissolves like a dark cloud when you accept what's so.
It may appear strange but there is
A dynamic power of a emerging possibility and strategy in embracing what's so.
Count your blessings and golden moments in past and now
Look around and see particles of gold in the conditions and environs, now
Meditate pray and share with a friend or a counselor and expert
Initiate any or all of these, now.

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