Salute to sunset of age

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Salute to sunset of age

Submitted: September 15, 2012

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Submitted: September 15, 2012



Salute to sunset of age

 Cherish that you didn't die before this mellow stage 

 A seasoned autumn which may be extended by a little care

There are many blessings of this ripe age.


All except some diseases and disability link with senior age

Can strike us at any age

Stiffness of joint and brittleness of bones and serious dementia 

Can be prevented, even cured by excercise, medication and meditation and by avoiding body and mind's inertia.


Some seniors become richer and without onerous responsibility

Of marriage of children and their education's liability

With no burden of carrier or ambition they have time for creative activity, socializing and social work

Teaching not advising in an interesting manner and playing with kids is a distinct possibility


 Each senior is a library of information, training and practical experience

They have a gold mine often untapped, in some sense

It is the young, who are the losers pushing them in a lonely corner,

In family or institution, waiting for death with numb religious fervor


 They have lots to share, contribute and make a difference

Nature gives them freedom from entanglement

The possibility of spiritual presence

Their snow kept head and wrinkles on face is a symbol of maturity of judgment


This is an age to celebrate the autumn of "Mellow fruitfulness"

To increase their meditative and spiritual richness

You are only as old as you think you are

We should honor their golden tender fullness


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