Sense name , forms, attributes, paradigms and concepts

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Sense name , forms, attributes, paradigms and concepts

Submitted: September 15, 2012

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Submitted: September 15, 2012



Sense name, forms, attribute, paradigm and concept

You are left with nothing, a zero, non existent and unmanifest!

It is ‘Shoonyataa’ of Buddha and ‘Nirvikalp Samaadhi’ of yoga

After ‘sagun’ mountaineering you have at the peak god’s empty nest!


Though easier to begin with ‘Sagun saadhnaa’ and ‘savikalp samaadhi’ is still lower than higher peaks

This is the mystic non –being, ‘nirvaanik shoonyataa’ of which Buddha speaks

Sagun support of form, words, mantra or sound 

Help us like a ladder or boat but we get attached and even when not  needed  we carry them around.


Working for ‘samaadhi’ which is ‘nirvikalp and nirgun’

His beloved mother ‘kaalee’ blocked his way

Ram krishna could not resist a ‘bhaktas’ ‘sagun’ sway

His ‘vedanti’ guru asked him to cut ‘kaalee’ by a sword and experience ‘nirakaar’ and ‘nirgun.’


Shocked, he asked where he could get the sword

“You get the sword from the same place you created and projected the goddess image”

As it was difficult to do this by a son to mother’s image

The guru hit him piece of a glass at the critical moment leaving Ramkrishna bleeding and cold.


Ramkrishna paramhans had ascended the ‘nirvikalp zero stage 

Buddha had similarly at final phase  

 Had to shed all image concept and desire

Even of ‘Shoonyataa’ and ‘nirvaanik’ grace.


It difficult t o describe the indescribable

It can be expressed with inkless pen and sounds of silence

We can suggest only the possibility and presence

 To do only this, the mystics of all schools have been capable.


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