Spectator vs. Player

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Spectator vs. Player

Submitted: September 15, 2012

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Submitted: September 15, 2012



A spectator, journalist or observer

As oppose to Actor and Player

Committed, involved but not attached or addicted

We have to watch these three modes; spectator, player and attached doer.


It is easy to watch, from the Stands, criticize and report the action

But difficult to Play and Plunge in committed action,,

We must synergize witness and doer, active and passive voice

Be in Side yet out Side Karta 'with equanimity, Pro-active but without reaction



This is what' the Geeta' says

The wisdom of every sage

Objective and active, spectator and actor 

 A paradoxical but an essential marriage!


Modern age has made children even adults In passive mode

Reader, observer spectator (movies, computer screen and games), a victim State

In reaction some time Burning with a tyrant's hate

I t is time we harmonize and  Synergize the conflicting mode

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