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Submitted: September 15, 2012

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Submitted: September 15, 2012





The stones and rocks started speaking in a way I could understand

We are maligned but softer than many hard hearted people

Hardened by indifference cunning and selfish rubble

Shocking me at first, they went on in a style, soft, not grand!

With hard looks, inside we are a confluence of fluid, luminous energy

Standing rock- firm with unbelievable synergy

Giving beautiful curves to earth's body, we are however pulverized

By mans greed for building with stones, variously sized.

Precious stone and priceless monument

Diamond and Sapphire; Taj mahal, Ellora and Parthenon

Thousands of beautiful, sculpted bodies, godly or human

I make beauty and art almost permanent!

Having ores of precious metals  

A crown of toll timber trees of fir, pine, almond and teak

Chopping my emerald crown; what does a greedy man seek?

By stripping my green skin and causing soil erosion, man is doing what is ecologically fatal.

Naked in chill winter I shed tears of dew drops wetting a thin layer of grassout of my cracks

 My heart has all pervading 'Tao' and 'Brahman' my conscious intelligence is not dead but only sleeps

Plants, animals and men are more awake hence they have, on their souls, a few black tracks!

Watching the cruel intelligence of man a rock and oak only weeps.

Making countless idols of gods and heroes man has become mostly idolatrous

Breathing love and life in me, man will have more breath and life

Instead using my nuclear energy for destruction you can make a rock talk and this blue planet rich and wondrous

You will be rock firm and stable and stone will be as soft and tender as life!


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