The challenge of Non-Doing

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The challenge of Non-Doing

Submitted: November 22, 2012

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Submitted: November 22, 2012



The challenge of Non-Doing



The most difficult doing is ‘Non-Doing’!

We are mostly obsessed with doing

Especially the achiever, the efficient even creators and contributors!

Doing is the most hypnotic of the trio, ‘being-doing-having’. 


Doing includes Becoming and Process

Being is most difficult to have an axis

Doing can be easily robotized and I am a victim as well

To step into “Being and Non-doing” is a doorway to freedom and de-stress.


Whether positive or negative, doing can be an addiction

 As a workoholic, a mindless mechanization

In Zen ‘Zazen’ meditation is just sitting, doing nothing!

From the womb of being, comes joyous, meditative and an effective doing and creation.


Man will do anything if deprived of addictive doing

Excess time available with many housewivesor after retiring

‘Compulsive obsessive disorder’ is the resulting neurosis

Abnormal concern with hygiene, cleanliness, nagging even empty rites and ritual worshipping.


We play many ‘Rackets and Game’ with some ‘pay-off’ but heavy cost

We even fall sickin body and mind; vitality of life is lost

Solution is deeper awareness in what you are doing and to have a responsible goal.

The time can be used for creation, service and reaching your soul!


A thief entered and ran with stolen goods 

Out of house of the flying ‘Sikh’ Milkha Singh

He followed the thief through ‘Bazaars’ to the woods

Returning empty handed after quite some time, to a neighbor’s query, thus replied Mr. Singh.


What the hell, the fellow thinksthat he would be faster than me 

He was left far behind me!

 Compulsive Doingness with a dash of ego

Creates absurd out come; so mechanical become we.



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