The Hourglass Of Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Dream
This story is about a girl who chased after a guy for one thousand years but they are forbidden to be together but the girl search for him, for his love but he only hurt her as he forgot her totally. After one thousand years, she finally realizes something and set to find him once again to end her one thousand years of pain. (The story can also be called "The Time Of Love")

Submitted: April 07, 2017

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Submitted: April 06, 2017



Love is just like an hourglass that will just fade into the bottom. Can time go back to the beginning? Can an hourglass flip around and let time restart again? Was I given a chance to get what I want or is this a curse that can’t be lifted. The time is ticking like the sand in an hourglass that is keeping watch of the world. The love we experience in this world is so unexpected. My time has been stopped in my youth of forbidden love.

The world separates us from being together. The sky and heaven had forbidden us to come together but we fell in love with each other for over thousand of years in different life but we were never able to be together forever. The galaxy is so wide, the world is so big but we were able to fall in love with each other for over a decade but you were alway the one to forgot everything about me while it hunts me in a nightmare. We were forbidden to be together but I didn’t care. I was alway searching for you in every life for you to love me again but I am afraid of history repeating for you to hurt my heart again.

I first met you during the beginning of autumn and you told me I am the girl for you, you said you love me with your whole heart and I believed you. You stole my first kiss during the hottest part of summer on the click of midnight, I can still remember when you lean toward me, my heart started to race faster as you looked at me with those beautiful eyes of yours that only show the reflection of me and as you close your eye and move closer for a kiss I thought my heart would pop out. The feelings of your soft lip on mines, it was warm with the mix of the summer heat and our saliva mixing together with sweat that tastes sweeter than candy. My stomach was flying with butterfly with my mind only on you full of excitement. In each lifetime you took my first kiss during the hottest part of summer making me unable to forgot you. In every lifetime, you made me yearn for your lip, to touch that soft lip of yours that I thought belong to only me. You were so special to me, your scent was all I could smell of that no matter how many lifetimes has past I fallen in love with your kindness and smile that outshine the sun and the moon. 

When you touched my body I could feel the warmth of your hand and when our skin touches I thought it is the most amazing feeling to feel your body on me, it is like ecstasy. Your warmth was a magnet to my heart. When you hold me close to you, I could feel your scent and the feeling of protection. When you kissed my neck I could feel the elective signal that sends to my brain and when you licked my ear I could feel the chill throughout my body that being with you only made me lose track of time. 

You told me you love me and only me but who would have guessed I was not the fate one for you but someone else is but I will be yours forever no matter how many time you leave me because you are my first love and will alway be no matter how many time I reincarnate and be punish by god.

No matter how harsh our life was, being with you was the happiness of my lifetime. In this world, you are the only one that matter, you are very special to me. The story of our love is the only things that keep reminding me of you through the reincarnation of my birth but you couldn't fulfill the promise you made to me in every lifetime… to love me forever.

  I had been calling out to you in every lifetime to made you fall in love with me, to be mine, but we were just not fated to be with each other. Till now how many tears have you made me cry and how many time had you broken my heart? I had cried for millions of time and have my heart broken to millions of pieces over and over again.

I wonder why did I believe in you in the first place but you were the one to found me.

In my second lifetime, I thought I would made you mine forever and made you not leave me but I fail. You left me for someone else even though in every lifetime you told me I am the girl for you and I am your true love but everything was only a lie because, in the end, you leave me for someone else. You couldn’t fulfill the promise you made to me when you gave me a ring as the promise between us.

I try my best to not made you leave me but I guess I am just not good enough. You alway hurt me and put me in pain but in the end, I alway choose you. You made me yearn for a future with you but you destroy everything. I granted all your wish and made all your burden go away but what did the girl you choose did for you? You told me when you kissed her you felt different, you felt something on a whole different level while you did not feel that toward me. You told me she is the one for you as you forgot everything you told me. You forgot the promise and the word you told me. You forgot you told me I was the one for you as all you could thought of... was only her, you forgot me totally. I wonder have you ever regret leaving me when I could have given you everything you ever wanted? I was rejected after all this year we had been together. 

Time took away everything from me. I wonder is Time the fault that started everything. I alway look back into my past as I wonder what the meaning behind it. The god of time has put me on a curse to go through the pain of love with the same person. I wonder why do we all change? Everything about this world is so fake. The image of life and death is so unpredictable. 

I try and try but I never success keeping you by my side. The god and the devil don't want us to be together. You told me you were serious about me but you were the one to leave me. You were the only guy I had ever love over a thousand years but I was just someone in your life. 

You put me in pain for over thousand years and you couldn't became mine for just one lifetime. You made me regret everything I did for you. I wonder why did I wake up from this nightmare only after one thousand years of suffering. You are the one for me, I promise to god that but I am not the one for you. I choose to love you again and again to suffer the pain I received from you in our first lifetime but what is the point for me to go through all this when you never choose to be with me forever.

I told myself I should put a stop to this never ending curse. If god were to ask me "Do you love him." I will say not again will I fall for him.

The sand in the hourglass is slowly falling to the bottom. The greatest change in life is Time. It took me one thousand years to realize you are not the one for me. Heaven and earth separate us because we are not supposed to be with each other and we are not the one for each other.


In this romantic starry night sky, I lay down on the grassy hill in the park waiting for your reappearance. The night sky is full of shining star blinking one by one like it is telling you something. The whole sky is full of my beloved star but the moon is nowhere to be found. I close my eye to feel the warm breeze on my face. The smell of blooming flower reminds me of the time you gave me a rose that was hiding a pair of rings inside that carve our name on it. You say the ring is our oath to be together forever and the crystal on the ring represent the month we were born in. I was very touched but history repeated and you gave me a ring in every lifetime that I found it pointless as it only made me believe in the lie we gonna be together. The thought makes me feel boil up that I open my eye in an instant. I stare at the sky but find myself closing them; the sky tells too much story.

A familiar voice comes across my ear. I couldn't open my eye to confirm it, my heart starts screaming. Everything seems so scary for this moment. I can hear the sound of a female voice with him. Her voice only make me interest to see who is she this time. The moment I open my eye I became disappointed, his taste in girls never changed. I delay our meeting time but he dares to found another girl. This makes me feel weird, the feeling in my heart that I can't describe in words, I couldn't believe what I m seeing. 

I walk down the hill to get closer to them. What I didn't want to hear the most I heard it. "I love you," he says to her. Those three words hurt my heart so badly that tear roll down my eye. My tear shines in this romantic night that fills with darkness. He didn't even bother to look my way and as he gives her a quick kiss and starts walking off it leaves me feeling blank. It pains me to see him putting his lip on another girl's lip that should be mine. I can't stand the fact he is telling another girl he loves her and kissing her with the lip that kisses me over and over for one thousand years. My heartthrob in pain, pain that can’t be compared to what I had felt for one thousand years. 

I run down to look for him again, I look left and right but couldn't find him and I start to become afraid that I already lose him before getting his heart. I turn back to find him staring back at me with his hand getting loose on the girl's waist. My heart skips a beat hoping for his heart to feel the same too. We stare at each other until the girl snatches his hand and take him out of my sight. My heart feels hurt again that I force myself to walk away, but my leg gives up on me as I fell and lay down on the ground feeling emptiness. I stare at the sky to look at the beautiful night sky that never changes that had been watching over my stupid-ness. If the star can talk I wonder will it tell me, I am being stupid to love him over and over and get nothing back?

I close my eye and spread out my arm and leg to feel the breeze but a sudden shadow appear over my eye, I slowly open my eye to be surprise that he is looking down at me. His eye look straight through me that I can see myself in his eye. He put out his hand toward my face and without thinking much I take his hand and he pulls me straight up toward him. I thought I was dreaming since he is in front of me looking at me like he alway did in the past life. 

I ask him why are you here and he replies to me that the girl he was with broke up with him, and she says she took him here just to end the relationship.

A thought comes to me, what if god is still on my side. I thought this is the great chance for me to steal back his heart. The fate of wheel still can't be changed for the fact my appearance has changed everything. My appearance has made history repeat again for us to come together during this time period no matter how long I delay our meeting but I wonder if I were to appear during the time you meet your fate one will you choose me or will you still choose her.

We both start walking and he start talking about his relationship with her to a stranger like me but I guess I made a huge impression on him. His story seem endless but I cut him off and tell him the story of my thousand years of love, he listens to me very carefully and nods like he believes everything I say. "If I were the guy in your story I would never let you go and be with you forever.... you caught my attention the first minute I saw you like I knew you for a very long time, your face is like a magic," he joke.

The moment he told me that, I begin to feel the tear coming up. My heart is beating in pain, I wanna tell him so badly that it is him, it is him that left me. "Even if it is you, you will be the one to leave me and..." I pause. "And we just met." I look up at the sky. "I should take my leaves now." I look at him, he looks like he wanna say something but I left before even saying goodbye because fate will bring us together again in this lifetime, but thinking back, I had lost my feelings for him a long time ago.

I can feel the hourglass flipping around and letting the sand fall down from the top once again. I can see the world clock turning back in time as I walk away disappearing into the night. "We shall meet again with your heart searching for me again and again for you to feel the pain I did.”

© Copyright 2020 kirarin. All rights reserved.

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