Unexpected Love

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Love found on the day she tries to suicide as it brings forth the thousands of year memories

Submitted: March 14, 2016

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Submitted: March 14, 2016



This world does not welcome me; nobody accepts me...What the use of living in a world that does not belong to me. "What a beauty, today is the perfect night. Mark my death onto this night."

I was standing on the top of the tallest tower and was the night of my birthday. There is still a second left before the clock tick 12. I step out my left leg to the groundless sky. I was ready. I close my eye. The world clock strikes 12.  

"Watch out"

Surprised by the voice I turn around and lose my balance, I wasn't ready but I was already falling. It was the right moment, the clock still singing.

A hand appears right before me and catch my hand, it pulls me right up. 

"Are you alri..."

Before I can let him finish his sentence I slap away his hand and slap him across the face. "Who asks for your help," I shout. He looks really surprised but I didn't care. I cover my face with both my hand before he gets to turn around.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know you were trying to suicide but is your life that bad that you want to kill yourself again," he asks but he pauses himself for a second. "Forget what I say," he looked at me.

I didn't hear what he say but his voice sounds so familiar. I pull away from my hand and saw real beauty. He looks just like a death god shining with dark aura but he doesn't look scary, he must be loved by the god and the world. I couldn't believe my heart was beating unstoppably fast, I wonder is this what they call love at first sight.

He opens his mouth and says something but my heart is beating so loudly over my ear that I couldn't hear what he say. My surroundings were a sea of silent.

When I get back to my sense he was nowhere to be seen. My heart sinks to the bottom of the ocean. "This is not the time to be disappointed," I say to myself. I run toward the door and slam it open and run down the stair like the world is going to collapse onto me; but he was nowhere to be seen, he disappears into the night as silent as the light.

I wonder did god sent him to me... can I count this as a birthday gift? Did god actually want me to live in this world, am I welcome? Dark clouds form over the dark sky. I can feel the chill on my face. Tiny droplets drop from the sky, as it quickly starts to pour. I look up at the sky, letting the rain fall onto my face. "Is this my answer...God," I question.

My clothes are all soaking wet. The jewel I held was shining so brightly on the rain, it does not fit me. I'm not worthy to hold the ruby.

My eye starts to tear. "I should have died," I sob. I stand on the street crying alone. I can't sense a single soul outside this cold night, they are all sleeping in their dark home. There is no light, everywhere was darkness. I start to walk... to the endless horizon, somewhere life doesn't exist.

Love can't be mine, it not supposes to, I'm someone who will never be loved, this beating heart is a fake, this is not loved. "I don't believe it," I whisper. 

Day after day I went back to the tower, believing the small hope I hold will come true.

I went there day after night, when it raining, snowing or illness. In that house, my illness is just an ant to them. My life is a mistake, but he stopped me from dying, there must be a meaning behind this.

But day after month after year he was nowhere to be seen on the tower. I thought the devil has helped me. I thought the devil wants to keep me alive instead of god.

Again... standing on the top of the tower on the same spot as I did 5 years ago. But this time, it already raining. This time, there was no moon nor can I see the beauty on the top of the tower.

I have blind myself from this world. "Shall I go see you death god, this time, you won't do anything selfish right and let me die." This time, I was ready, ready to be dead. I was falling. "Did I win, this time, death god, I'm dying"

My whole body was pushing down the wind. The wind opens up a deadly path to me. I once again open up my eye to see the last moment of the world. Are you happy god, for I going to disappear from the world you create.

Tear flow down my cheek. "Why am I crying... this is what I want right." There is no time to regret.

The rain change to dark feathers as it slowly fell down the sky toward me. "Am I that selfish for wanting you to myself." The feather circle around me and form a person or should I say... 


"Do you remember a thousand years ago you slapped me from trying to save you... moon goddess."

"Death god!" I shout. "Why did you save me, why can't you let me step out of this cage."

"God gives you this life, you should honor it, moon goddess, you shouldn't try to go back to your human life."

"5000 years I was searching for you, for your single love, do you know how much I suffer."

"Do you remember what I said 5000 years ago... if you were to fall in love I will grant you true death."

"I don't remember those words but didn't you successfully make me fell in love with you 5000 years ago."

"Is this really what true love is... I will grant you your wish," sigh death god

I start to laugh. Memories pour into my soul and bring out the deadly truth. "So this is it, you sent me to the human world and repeated our history thousands year ago and let me die as a human... so this it."

"The past repeat itself, I don't have the power to control time or fate, death can only happen within the human, this is what you want right."

  "That was then, that was 5000 years ago, this is the present... you love me right, give me back my immortal power and save me."

"It too late moon goddess, this was your wish 5000 years ago to die, didn't you try to suicide in this life too, your wish was the same as back then, it too late now, I just granting your wish." I really love you, why do you have to choose death over me.

"How dare you, death god. Back then I chose death to be with you, if I become a death god we can be together, I curse you death god for the past to repeat itself for eternity as it tortures you."

Everything stop, time was stopped. I have died. Let our future repeat the past, again and again for our love to repeat itself death god.


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