Vampire or Soul? (not finished)

Vampire or Soul?  (not finished) Vampire or Soul? (not finished)

Status: Finished

Genre: Flash Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Flash Fiction



A soul gets put in a vampire's body. A mix between Twilight and The Host
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A soul gets put in a vampire's body. A mix between Twilight and The Host

Chapter1 (v.1) - Vampire or Soul? (not finished)

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A soul gets put in a vampire's body. A mix between Twilight and The Host

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 21, 2009

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 21, 2009




I opened my eyes not knowing if I would see anything. When I did everything was…clear. It was like extra HD in life. I didn’t know what to think. I realized I wasn’t breathing. How strange. I took a deep breath. When I did it burned my throat. I didn’t know why. I looked at my skin. It was pale. It looked different than most skins I’d seen in pictures. I got up and walked to the window. My face was a beautiful reflection. I touched it feeling the texture. What was I?

I smiled laughing at myself. My teeth where white. The kind you saw in a commercial. They looked like hard stones stuck in a mouth.

I was also hungry, but not for the food someone told me I would eat. I was hungry for much, much more. So much more that it went below the skin… into the blood stream. There lies what I had to rely on for food. Blood.

“No you listen Healer Sparks. I will not have my client in a vampire host,” my Seeker hissed. “Listen Seeker. This is merely an experiment. Nothing more. We will keep her isolated. She will go on the diet that the host had be for intersection. She will not drink humans. Only animals,” I heard a hint of smugness in his voice. I wondered what a vampire was. I certainly wasn’t human.

I sucked in a breath of air. Again it burned my throat. “Listen. What happens when she accidentally loses control. We can’t take that risk,” the Seeker said still arguing. “We can, and we will.” Healer Sparks is getting defensive now.

I searched threw the memories stored up. There were over a hundred years. Wow this host is old. I heard the Seeker and Healer Sparks coming. I ran back to the bed faster than thought possible.

“Ah, welcome. I can see you have woken up. I am your Seeker. This,” she motioned her hand over Healer Sparks face. “is Healer Sparks Flying, but people call him Healer Sparks.” I nodded. “Of course, Seeker, I already know that. I have happened to have overheard your conversation with Healer Sparks. What is a vampire?” My voice was like no others. It was warm and lucid. “That is what you are. You are a creature like no other on planet Earth. You are incredibly fast, and strong, you are physically attractive to your prey. You live off of human blood. We used you as an experiment. Humans that can be found are very rare. We needed another host source. We found vampires.” I was bewildered. I was an extraordinary creature with amazing talents. I heard voices in my head. “Seeker, why do I hear voices in my head?” I asked. “Well, because you are a vampire. Vampires, only some, have and extra sense. You happen to read minds.”

I stared at her more. I focused on her thoughts.

Stupid Healer Sparks. This soul knows nothing.

“I happen to know quite a lot, Seeker. I know that there are more. I know that the diet that I am to follow is strictly animal. I will not harm anyone,” I stared at her smugly. “Oh, I forgot. Of course you know much. Just keep searching her memories.” I glared at her. “Seeker there are over one hundred years of memories. What do you want me to find?” She laughed. “You need to find where the other vampires are located.” I searched again. “Seeker, I don’t know where they are, but why is it so important?” I knew the supply of human hosts was low, but mythical creatures such as vampires. That is absurd. “Because vampires are immortal.” I choked on what I was about to say. “Seeker, I am having trouble right now trying not to attack you. Think about it,” I got up and walked to the mirror.

I focused on the Seeker’s thoughts again.

Oh Ice will be perfect for helping us find more host bodies. I saw her imaging me taken people out of their precious hiding places. She imagined me threatening people with my teeth.

“Seeker, how could you be so barbaric. We are supposed to be peaceful. I will not help you like that,” I said stomping my foot on the ground leaving a small hole. “Well, there is no other way. If we get caught by them they will surely kill us. You are the only one who could fight back and win.” I couldn’t believe my ears. Souls were suppose to be peaceful creatures. My Seeker was just going against it.

I turned around. I saw Healer Sparks was curled up frightened in the corner. “Healer Sparks, are you ok?” He was shuddering violently. “Ice, promise me you will never hurt anyone.” I looked at him. Of course I could promise that, but the real question was could I keep the promise. “Yes ,Healer Sparks, I promise I will not hurt you, Seeker, or anyone.” I said halfheartedly. He nodded when he got up. I helped him to the door. I saw him flinch at the touch of my skin to his.

“Seeker, I am going to the apartment. I hope you have a car for me.” She shook her head. “No, you still need to find where the others are,” she said hold me back. I knew where they were, but she wasn’t going to know. “No, Seeker, I can’t. There are too many memories. I need to go hunt anyways.” I pulled against her. She wouldn’t let go. I shoved her arm off of mine. It threw her into the wall. A loud thump was made.

I was a little pleased that that had happened. I continued walking out the door. I saw a car which I knew was mine because they always had a car for new souls. I hopped in fast. I knew exactly where the apartment was. I drove out of the hospital parking lot. This car was to slow. I was going to have to take care of that. I heard the buzz of thoughts run threw my head.

I wonder if they…

They were all varied thoughts. No one saw me, or thought of me. I blocked the buzzes out, and concentrated on driving. I saw the cars go by. I watched as all the friendly souls go by, smiling at my beauty. Even though we were souls we did have emotions. We could love.

I saw the apartment building. I hopped out of the car. I darted into the building. I saw a small receptionist at the front desk. She was so small I could crush her in- No I shouldn’t be thinking that. We are peaceful. “Hello. I am Ice Crystal. I have an apartment here,” I said chanting we are peaceful in my head. “Yes, of course,” she said scanning threw her computer for my name. I focused on her thoughts.

Wow what a beautiful person. Ice Crystal. Ice Crystal. Ha here it is.

“Well, here it is. Your room number is: room sixty- two.” I nodded and took the keys she handed me.

I saw that I had the room on the second floor. I passed a couple holding hands. I nodded as I walked by them. I wonder what they think of me? I thought to myself. I focused in on the guy’s thoughts first.

Wow, she is gorgeous. I wonder if I could dump this dirt bag and get her. I was disgusted. Souls aren’t usually like that. I went to the girl next.

I hope he isn’t getting any ideas.

I finally found my apartment room at the end of the hall.

It was nice in here. It had lacey curtains hanging off of every window, a purple bedspread, and only one bed. Which meant no roommate. Yes!

I looked out of the window. I guess I better go hunt. I can’t hold off any longer. I turned on the computer they had set up in here.

I search ‘Local forest in Dallas’. All I got was a few places away from here. I printed out a map to a state park. I went down to the elevator. I got to the lobby fast enough. The receptionist saw the directions in my hand. “Going somewhere, Ice?”

“Yes I am actually. I have decided to do some hiking,” I said matter-of-factly. She nodded. I walked out to my incredibly slow car. I put it in drive and drove off.

I watched skyscrapers go by. So big and tall. I felt the burning sensation in my throat. I needed to drink.

I searched threw the host’s memories again until I finally found one.

The fire was still there. I heard breathing next to me. I tried to lift my hand to feel who was next to me.

Slowly after some time the fire died. I then knew that I was dead. I opened my eyes surprised that I wasn’t dead. I saw three beautiful faces peering down at me. Maybe I was dead. I hopped off the bed faster than ever.

“Hello, said the eldest of the three. He was a man. “Welcome, I am Joseph. This,” he motioned his hand over a beautiful woman’s face. “is my wife, Cynthia, and this,” again he motioned his hand over a young looking, beautiful boy.” is Ashton. We are vampires. Do you remember your name?” He asked. “I think so.” Jeanette was it? Yeah that was it. “You are a vampire now,” Joseph said. I starred at him in amazement

She thought. I laughed to myself.

I wonder if Jim will…

I hope no one sees me…

“Seeker, what is my name?” I asked trying to get off subject about the whole vampire thing. “Well, Healer Sparks and I have decided a name that fits your present situation.” I stared at her. “We have decided Ice Crystal. You have been to the Bear Planet have you not?” She asked. “Yes, of course.” My name. Ice Crystal. “Could I be called Ice instead?” I asked Ice Crystal seemed to similar to what I was. “Yes ,Ice, that is fine.” I turned away.I didn’t know where I was, or what body I was in. My eyes were closed. I heard exceptionally well. I have heard that when one sense is stronger than the other, in humans, that they may have lost one sense. Maybe I was blind. I highly doubt that. I heard my Seeker in the other room arguing with someone. I also heard the Healer. That’s who the Seeker was arguing with.I was writhing in pain. I was on fire. Why was no one helping me? I screamed, “Help! Get me out! Don’t let me burn.” Nothing. My eyes were still closed. Everything was black. I was absorbed in darkness.



So much I learned from that one memory. I learned my host’s name, I learned that there were more. I was hurting, like I could still feel the fire. I cried all the way to the state park.

Chapter 2

I parked my car in the parking lot. I saw a lot of people here today. Luckily it was overcast today. I leaped out of my car. For props I brought a hiking backpack and hiking shoes, though I could go without.

I started down the hiking path. I would veer off the path further down. I sniffed out the air for wildlife. I smelt deer not far away, maybe a mile. I smiled at the hikers and bikers going by. I saw an attracting male on a bike go by me. I focused on his thoughts.

Who is that? She is beautiful.

I like this reading minds thing. I focused back on searching the air for scents. I still smelled that deer. I decided that since that was the only thing that I could find I would go for that.

I walked off the path. The deer smelt good. Sort of. I headed east, stopping to take a whiff every twenty steps. I hope no curious hiker strayed off the trail, because they might not go back.

I finally spotted the deer across a large clearing.

I sniffed and let my instincts take over me. I darted across the open field. The deer scattered. I found a lame one laying down in the grass. I pounced on it, sinking my teeth into it’s skin. I sucked on the blood until it was drained dry. This brought back a memory.

I walked back on the trail. I saw more people on my way back than on my way here.

I emerged from the trees with the sun shining off my face. I gasped. I dashed into the trees to safely hide from the sun. How was I going to get back? I could walk and hope no one noticed. (Nah, that wouldn’t work). I could run as fast as my legs could go. (That might work).

I went with the second choice. I darted back out into the sun. I was nearly invisibly I was going so fast. I got to the car unnoticed. I drove out of the state park.

The burning in my throat was a little better. I went into the apartment building fast, though the receptionist stopped me. “Hey, Ice,” she said with a grin on her face. “Hi.., er I don’t know your name,” I said shrugging. She chuckled and thumped her hand on her head. “Duh! Sorry, I am Flower Upside Down,” she said still laughing. Wow, an upside down flower. Weird. “Hi, Flower. I have to go up to my room now; bye,” I said waving and strolling off into the elevator. I saw the same couple I passed on my first day again. I waved at them. All of the sudden another memory launched itself at me.

He winked at me. If I was human I might have been blushing right now. He was human! What was I doing!? I would hurt him. I felt wet stuff at the edges of my eyes. This is what it felt like to cry. He looked confused. I focused on his thoughts, but I couldn’t hear anything but a rumble. If I killed him Joseph would be disappointed. We would have to move. I would run away…

Getting into the park was simple. I gave them money to spend the day ‘hiking’. I wouldn’t go in the actual park I was going just outside.The strange man who supposedly is my creator said I was suppose to drink animals only. I leaped after a heard of elk passed. Drinking and sucking. Sucking and drinking. My thirst couldn’t be quenched. How was I suppose to live this new life?I stop attacking the dear I was over. That memory was to much similar to my situation. Thought my thirst wasn’t quenched, just like the memory, I stopped. I whipped my hand over my lips removing all the blood from my face.I saw him. His face, his scent, and the way he blushes. He is human, I shouldn’t be doing this. His thoughts were blurry. He was different than most humans.Was this possible that my host liked a human? Was he invaded yet? These questions must be answered.
I walked into my room and shoved my backpack under the bed. Why always me? I get stuck with all the stuff like this. I plopped down on the purple bedspread. “Ugh,” I groaned. I rolled on my side. I heard a light thump on the door.

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