Boy Hood Memories

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About A boy growing up in southern Kentucky in the early sixties strugling with the hardships of being poor.
Never having enough always wanting the better life he never gives up on making it in a mans world.

Submitted: January 30, 2007

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Submitted: January 30, 2007



Born in the winter of nineteen fifty six in Somerset, Kentucky.??Llittle did he know his life was going to filled with pain and hardship.??Strugle became his best friend.??Though a small child the boy thought about making his mark in this man sized world.? While other children were playing the little boy was out trying to make money.??It was hard because of his age, the boy was only eight years old, no one would hire him. He tried different things but mowing yards was his favorite pastime. The little boy got the idea from watching his grandfather cut his lawn with an old reel type mower.??It looked to be easy enough. At this time the little boys dream of mowing yards was just that, a dream.??He had no money to buy a mower, he would save the money. A new mower cost twelve dollars in nineteen sixty two the little boy knew he could not afford a new reel mower.? So the next best thing?the boy would look for a used mower.

For the next few weeks the little boy saved money earned by picking up pop bottles, for two weeks the little boy walked up and down the road looking in every ditch hoping to find the mother load of bottles, sure he would find a few pop bottles but only a few. At the end of the two week period the little boy counted his money he had saved two dollars and twelve cents. Knowing he needed more money to buy a used mower.??Over the next few days the boy done odd jobs such as picking cherries for a near by neighbor and earned a whopping four dollars. The boy thought surely I have enough money now.

The next morning the little boy arose early it was Saturday.?? He was going to go over the neighborhood looking for a reel type mower he was sure he would be able to find one he could afford.

Chapter 2

Grabbing a bite of food but not forgetting to tell his mother what he was going to do.?As he ran out the door his mother "yelled don't be late for supper son" the boy replied " I won't mom." The little boy started walking down the road looking for a reel type mower, He just knew he would find one.?? After about an hour walking and asking along the way about a mower the little boy found nothing and he was getting tired.? It looked hopeless the little boy thought but not giving up on his dream of mowing yards he kept walking.

While walking a thought came to him.? I'll go over to Mr Taylors farm he might have an old mower he might sell.??After all he was a farmer surely he would have one.??Approching the farm Mr Taylor was setting on the front porch sipping on a cup of coffee.? As he was walking up the driveway Mr Taylor said "Good morning, young man. How are you this fine day?" The little boy replied" doing good sir."

The little boy stood at the edge of the porch with his hands in his pockets not saying a word. After a moment,Mr Taylor "said come over and set a while" he said "guess I could but just for a few minutes." "Would you like some apple pie? It's fresh out of the oven. " Mr Taylor asked. "sure that would be great". After eating almost half of a pie the little boy was stuffed "almost forgot why I came here" after a few minutes the little boy said.

"Mr Taylor sir, I have a question to ask you."? "Sure son, what is it?" Mr Taylor asked. "I'm trying to find an old reel type mower to mow yards this summer.??Would you have one? I'm not wanting it for free, I'm willing to pay for it sir".? Mr Taylor scrached his head for a moment.??He said "I might be able to help you, young man.??Follow me to the barn."? We starting walking to the main barn. "Lets look over here in this old shed. There might be something over there." As we approched the shed entrance Mr Taylor opened the door and walked over to a stack of old feed sacks. He started removing them. As I stood there while he was removing the sacks, I saw him uncover an old reel type mower!? After looking it over Mr Taylor said "its not much, about worn out. I've had it a few years."

My eyes filled with joy as I looked at the old mower "what do you want for it I asked" Mr Taylor replied "don't know right off, what do you think its worth, young man?" ?"I don't know, it's your mower you tell me."? We stood there for a moment.? It got quite? while no one said a word, Mr Taylor spoke and said "tell you what I'll do young man, I'll give you the mower under one condition you mow my yard first.? That old mower should be worth at least one good mowing.? What do you think?" The boy replied "yes sir, I'll do that!" "Do you want me to mow your yard today?" "No,son. maybe next Saturday. " "Whatever you say sir,I'll be here you can count on it and I'll take good care of the mower Mr Taylor." After a few minutes I pushed the old mower out of the shed and started walking down the driveway.? Looking back waved at Mr Taylor and headed for home.

And so began my Lawnmowing years.

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